My Christmas “Miracles”

Christmas miracles happen one way or another for everyone – here’s a short list of the little “miracles” we celebrated this Christmas:

An unsolicited “thank you”
After opening a few presents as well as his stocking, Jagger went over to the “grill” (the fireplace that we don’t cook in) and yelled up the chimney “Thank you Santa for bringing us all these nice presents!” It was so nice to see him do that all on his own and we didn’t have to say “Now thank Aunt…” “Don’t forget to thank Granny…” “Did you thank…” I guess all that nagging must have sunk in!

Here’s the video of my son’s special thank you (if you’re reading this post with an RSS reader please click through for the video):

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The Christmas Gift

Way back in August, my mom and I were shopping at a toy store that was having a fantastic moving sale. There, out of the corner of our eyes, was the most glorious, gender neutral, kitchen ever to behold! We ran over to it thinking – “50% of everything? Could that really include this too??!!” Oh it did and we grabbed the box (note here for later: I said box as in one, single box) with a gusto saved for the Filene’s Basement wedding dress sale. We couldn’t believe our luck! My son has been talking about wanting a kitchen and here it was for the taking (well buying, but it felt like taking- we got a great deal!). We loaded up the box and patted each other on the back all the way home. Fast forward to Christmas Eve Eve. Kitchen “Hmmm… let’s take a look at this thing- this could take a while to put together so we should get started” We opened the box and realized the instructions and hardware were missing. OK so Christmas Eve we got an e-mail copy of the instructions and realized that we weren’t missing just the hardware, we were missing 2/3 of the kitchen! Long story short, the toy store having the moving sale gave us box 1 of 3 boxes you needed for this kitchen. A million phone calls later and we located the store and they still had lonely ol’ box 2 and 3 in their store room wondering what ever happened to the other box??! That is a miracle. A three hour car ride and a 4 hour assembly process later, and we were in the Santa business. Jagger and B haven’t stopped playing with it so it was obviously well worth the hassle.

To go with the now beloved kitchen, B recieved a shopping cart from my parents. Much like everything she gets, it must be tested, tried, and sometimes trashed by Jagger before she ever gets a hold of it. Well we tried to make it clear to him that this was for B and if she was nice she would share it with him… and before that sentence was out of our mouths, he was running with the shopping cart as if he were racing Lightning McQueen for the Piston Cup! However, I guess he just needed one lap around our “racetrack” to decide that he wanted to share (what??!!) and he promptly walked it over to B and said “Here you go – you can play with it.” 7 small miraculous words = 1 miraculous idea- sharing!

Christmas Eve Dinner- at my house!
Now this may not go down as a miracle because we certainly planned it the way it happened, but it was certainly a momentous occasion that the torch that has been my mothers was finally passed to me this year. I hosted Christmas Eve dinner (just for 8 of us) for the first time! It was emotional for my mom as she had hosted Christmas Eve for 25 years. After last year’s Christmas Eve, as my parents downsized and moved into a condo and some of my mom’s hip pains increased, it was apparent that it was time to pass the torch. I happily volunteered so B and Jagger could wake up in their own beds on Christmas morning. We had a great dinner (speaking more to the conversation than the food) and only a few tears were shed by my mom. Maybe it’s just a miracle that it turned out as well as it did.

A REAL Miracle
I’m happy to say that the last miracle was the fact that my father-in-law was able to join us at Christmas dinner. 2 weeks ago, after a routine stress test and then a cardiac cath. that followed, we found out my father-in-law was a combination miracle and ticking time bomb. All 4 of his cardiac arteries were blocked- 90, 90, 90 and 95% – he would need a quadruple bypass. So a week and half ago, my father-in-law had a very successful surgery and a new lease on life. As you can imagine, it was an emotional toast at the Christmas table and we truly recognized the miracle of the season.

So after the dust settles and the preparations and stress is long forgotten, I certainly remember why I love the holidays so much – because of family, sharing, traditions, happiness and loving memories. I hope your holiday brought you some miracles- even the little ones.

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