Graco Hits the Boom Boom Room

Graco at the Boom Boom RoomSo if you read my blog bio, you know me as “Erin McHugh, Marketing Coordinator;” (so formal, which I am not) however my friends refer to me as “Little E.” I may be vertically challenged, but I don’t know if “little” is the proper adjective to describe me, as I am kind of a big deal around here (probably why the nickname never caught on at the office)!! Well, maybe I am not as much of a big deal as I would like to be, but I am the resident Graco celebrity baby news blogger, which I think is HUGE!!

I mentioned in my bio how I spend my Saturday mornings, but I didn’t mention Sunday mornings. Well, I spend every Sunday morning and evening working. I know it sounds like a real drag, but it’s great. When I say work, I mean reading every celebrity rag mag on the shelves. Let me tell you- it’s fabulous. I can totally get out of doing the dishes from our big Sunday dinner because “I have work to do.” What my boyfriend doesn’t know is that I am in fact hiding away indulging in a little US Weekly or People! A job does not get any better than this!

So up until now I have read tons of magazines, watched a mass amount of entertainment news television shows, and of course followed every celebrity blog site I can find! I’ve kept track of celebrity pregnancies and births and most importantly, reported back to my co-workers on which celebs are using Graco products! It’s been a real hoot! But now I have to get my game face on because today, Graco hits the Boom Boom Room and I will be face to face with tinsel town’s finest!

Boom Boom Room Invite

I will be attending The Boom Boom Room’s Wonderland with fellow blogger Lindsay Lebresco and our colleague Jen Callaghan. The Boom Boom Room was intended to be a pre-Golden Globe gifting suite for celebrity parents and those who are expecting. I think we all know by now that the Globes have been canceled, but the Boom Boom Room must go on!!! I am super excited to have the opportunity to have one on one conversation’s with the amazing superstars whom I professionally stalk from afar. The latest attendee list has all us freaked out!! I will have to try my hardest to play it cool because it is likely that I may be completely star struck! Check back for more juice on who I met and how the event turned out. I will have some awesome pictures, I promise!!

In the meantime, look out for LIVE blogging (!) from our room where Sarah Granger from the Silicon Valley Moms Blog and is coming to give the play by play. Keep checking back to see if your favorite celeb stops by!

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8 Responses to “Graco Hits the Boom Boom Room”

  1. Dr. Rosinia January 12, 2008 at 9:13 am #

    Hello Women of Graco!

    I am so excited to see Sweetpeace in the Boom Boom Room. I only wish I was there! Please feel free to let any of the celebrities know that I am available for individual consultations :)

    Have fun! I’ll be following closely.

  2. Devra Renner January 12, 2008 at 8:33 pm #

    oooh I recognize that area rug! I’ve touched that rug, so does that count for me being sort of in the Boom Boom Room?

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