The Miracle of a Sleeping Baby

Sleeping bear

I’m thrilled and honestly will admit, a little nervous about my first blog post.  I am excited that we get to share some of the humanity behind the Graco brand.  So many times you forget there are real moms (like myself…proud mother of a little girl, “Bear” turning 2 in January) behind companies. 

My husband and I have kept a journal for our daughter – we started the day we knew we were pregnant.  Recently, I was reading some of the early entries when Bear was a couple of days old…and I forgot about the fun we had trying to figure out the sleep schedules.  We read all of the books (Dr. Karp, Babywise, Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child).  Why is it during the 2am crying your husband pretends he is sound asleep and cannot hear the scream from the other room?  Either I couldn’t wake my husband during that time or he was holding me back from going in to console our daughter.  We tried the ‘crying it out’ hoping she would learn to calm herself back to sleep –that sounds great in the afternoon but at 2am you find your husband being the enforcer saying “we had a plan!” and “if you continue running in there and consoling her, she will never learn to calm herself back to sleep.” That’s the down side of making your husband read sections of the books and talking about “our sleep plan”.  We were fortunate…our daughter became a sound sleeper when she was swaddled with a pacifier in her mouth.  After reading the journal this technique of swaddling (with a little bit of scheduling & crying it out) resulted in a successful sleeping-through-the-night at 7 weeks- Bear slept from 9pm to 5:30am.  I think it’s fair to say every parent feels like a miracle has just taken place, the first night your baby sleeps for 6 consecutive hours!  I know we did.  Now I find myself going into Bear’s room while she is sleeping and remembering back to the day I would rock her and experience the calm and peacefulness we all desire – that moment when you rock your baby to sleep and you sit there staring at their tiny fingers & toes in total amazement of the miracle of life and the marvel of a sleeping baby. The things that parents do to create that peacefulness, especially during those first weeks.  I must say we have never looked back and wished anything were different – as a mother it truly feels like every moment gets better than the last.

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    Ciekawy blog, dodalem go do ulubionych, bede tu wpadal czesciej

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    Not that I’m totally impressed, but this is more than I expected when I stumpled upon a link on Digg telling that the info here is awesome. Thanks.

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