Dear Punxsutawney Phil…

phil… I would like to make a plea. Santa brought me the coolest playhouse ever and mom says it’s too cold to go outside and play with it. All day I stare out the window dreaming of the meals I could be serving up in my little house, of all the times I could be attempting to keep my sister out, of the friends I could be hosting in there – all dreams that are out of reach. UNLESS – you can make one toddler very happy and look the other way! Just don’t look. Don’t see your shadow. I know the odds are stacked against me but it would be easy – just turn your head and check out all the other kids in the crowd who are probably thinking the same thing. PLEEEEAAASSEEEEE! I need to get outside and play. I’m having a little cabin fever here! (but this one is more of a fever to get to my new cabin) If I promise to join your club, check out all the fun facts about you and the Inner Circle, and maybe even make the jaunt from Exton to Gobbler’s Knob, will you do it?

That would be cool. And then it could get warm. Ahhhh… Thanks Phil.

Dedicatedly (not quite this dedicated) yours,
Jagger and Bee

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One Response to “Dear Punxsutawney Phil…”

  1. Chris February 4, 2008 at 2:51 pm #

    Wow, what a cool house! Those kids are adorable, no…seriously they are super cute. I am not kidding!