We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

Graco management thinks a little fresh (cold!) air helps kick-start new thinking… and it does! Thinking like, “what did I get myself into?!”

dog days

We wanted to share some pictures of a recent Graco business meeting where some adventurous staffers decided to check dog-sledding off their list of things they have always wanted to do in life.  They came back full of great business ideas and insisted they were simply trying to get the “real” feeling of being bundled up in full winter snowsuits, strapped in a stroller.   (This completely redefines “team building”… just look at that seating arrangement! Oh boy.)

dog days

If you can believe it, that is our very own, blogger extraordinaire Amy Sleep in the front (6 months pregnant and all!)…Don’t worry though, the sled didn’t hit 5 mph…Baby Sleep was safe, always our #1 priority.

As you can see, sometimes it’s just as important for big kids to get out and play too. I am pretty sure most of them would have preferred to ride with their own kids in their laps (rather than colleagues) but they certainly got a kick out of the experience nonetheless.  (although Kim smuggled Bear in her suitcase so she could get a taste of her own version of dog-sledding)

dog days

It must have been something about the light falling snow, being bundled up like a swaddled baby, or how the situation took them back to their own beloved sled rides as kids themselves. Whatever it was, they welcomed the break from long days in the office and they’ve all come back rejuvenated.  Even kid-like.

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