Say no to organic-even if just for one night.

NemoSo much of what we write about and share with each other are the organic, wondrous moments (good and not-so-good) that naturally unfold in front of our eyes.  Those always seem to be the most beautiful because they are rarely expected. 

Well last week, on Jagger’s 3rd birthday, I ordered up some artificial, oohey-goohey, sticky-sweet moments of wonder and it was awesome.  My mother and I took Jagger to see Disney’s Nemo on Ice.  I can’t pinpoint what made my head reel with amazement- it could have been the fact that the ice made it cold inside which pronounced Jagger’s warm breath on my cheek all night or if it was the intimacy that the darkness created, making it feel like it was just the 3 of us or maybe it was the weight of my little 3 year old on my lap all night- shivering with excitement and shaking with fear (the 2 year old a couple seats down didn’t seemed to be fazed by the sharks and fireworks).  Whatever it was, the night was wonderful. The show was fantastic- I loved it, Jagger loved it and Nana loved it (she said it brought her back to the days of taking my brother and me to see the Ice Capades)  I’m sure she felt the same way I did now. 

As we pulled into the driveway after the long ride home, I realized just how exhausted I was.  I felt like I was in a wonder-coma (that’s a reference to the “food-coma” that seems to overcome my husband after large meals) - I had clearly over-indulged and loved every single minute.  We spent that night at my parent’s house and since it was just me and Jagger, I decided to snuggle up in bed with him- prolonging the wonderful birthday we spent together.  I crashed like a 3-year old after a sugar binge. 

The next day I was basking in the memory of it all- trying in vain to remember every moment.  Although, even after a few hours, I couldn’t remember the details, I certainly remember how much we all enjoyed our time together and the way Jagger’s eyes followed every tiny movement of the skaters.  Unlike a binge and over-indulgence of other sorts, this one was guilt-free.  I highly recommend manufacturing a little wonder into your life- even if you usually love the organic stuff.

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One Response to “Say no to organic-even if just for one night.”

  1. Han February 22, 2008 at 11:35 am #

    I only vaguely remember seeing Ice Capades. And only this very moment (30 years later) did I finally get the play on words. Ice Capades, from “escapade.” Ha ha, duh.