Changing the World, One Car Seat at a Time

When is a job not considered “work”? When you love what you do. When you wake up in the morning not thinking about everything you have to get done in a day but wondering what new things you’ll discover that day. We work to make our lives more productive and to find personal satisfaction in what we contribute to the world.


For the engineers at Graco, they find that every day. For them, it’s about dreaming big, trying new things, and finding solutions to problems that parents encounter daily. It’s all about finding a way to make the best technology, better. Really, it’s about helping each new parent feel confident in protecting their child so they can relax, take a deep breath and enjoy the world around them.

The tireless work that goes into the development of a new product can be attributed to entire teams of engineers that bring a wide array of expertise to a project. Graco strives to create well rounded teams that offer different perspectives and skill sets (just like what real families are often like!). And as we often try to better understand the needs of new parents, it’s nice to have engineers who understand where Moms and Dads are coming from. It’s not often that these engineers get the recognition they deserve either. Whether its traveling to Europe for crash testing international products or flying to Asia to assist with production, these engineers often leave their families and lives behind (sometimes for weeks) to make the best possible product. That’s not even mentioning the years of development (blood, sweat, and tears) that go into getting some products to market. We joke that these products are our “babies” since we put just about as much love into them as we do our own children. In the end, we never lose sight of wanting to make the lives of parents easier in some way, and we’ll do what it takes to accomplish that mission.


Recently, Rachel Fine, a car seat engineer for Graco, was  highlighted for her work as a mechanical engineer. As a woman in engineering she brings unique perspective and insight to her job, especially in designing products many women use. This bio is a great sneak peek into who she is, how she became interested in engineering and why she loves being a part of the Graco team. No, we didn’t pay her; she just really loves what she does! Who can blame her? Babies…traveling…being creative…sounds like a pretty sweet gig. She might even be changing the world, one car seat at a time.

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