I’d Like to Schedule My Baby, Please UPDATE!

OutlookWednesdays is usually reserved for a quick photo displaying the wonder of being a parent, however we thought the wonder of giving birth was certainly significant enough to alter our blog schedule.  :)

Today’s the day!  Amy Sleep (blog contributor), has scheduled to have her baby via c-section this afternoon.  (you can read all about it in her “I’d like to schedule my baby, please” post from last week.)  Yes-schedule.  She’s a busy woman, people!  In fact, on her way to the hospital, she is planning to drop off thank you notes for the office shower we held for her last week.  (This last minute errand was not on her Outlook calendar but apparently she really wants to squeeze it in).  I would have been ok with a late thank you note (actually I would be cool if she e-mailed me a mass thank you but that’s just me- my mom, on the other hand, would be waiting in the lobby of the office for that stack of thank yous).  The funny thing is, Amy thinks she’s busy now. Babies don’t care about Outlook calendars.  I have to hand it to Baby Sleep-he or she’s conscientious enough to not pop out before today. 

We’ll keep you posted- look out for another update – this one will hopefully have pictures of Baby Sleep!

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2 Responses to “I’d Like to Schedule My Baby, Please UPDATE!”

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