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One of Graco’s newest babies was born last week. After a 48 hour labor, she was born weighing in at a healthy 1.4 ounces! The 2008 Graco Registry Guide is hot off the press and ready to help you decide exactly what you want and need for your new little one on the way.

So, I can’t say that the printing process is physically painful (like real labor) but it is definitely physically draining. Press checks keep you up at all hours and often come along about every two hours- just like feeding schedules. Dreary eyed and half awake we stumble over to the plant to make sure all the product looks accurate, the babies look healthy (green/yellowish babies are not our goal…luckily we can “heal” sick babies quickly with the press of a few buttons), and as we get closer, the excitement of finally seeing a piece that has been in the oven for months, makes us a little giddy.

Evidence of just that is seen here…yes…I am tap dancing while the press is “down” and we are waiting for it to be fixed. Note: I get a free pass here…we had been up all night!

I thought it might be fun to show you a sneak peak with these photos of just how the catalog makes it into your hands. Check out the size of those paper rolls!

We started the development of the Registry Guide back in December, you may remember our photo shoot post, and we’ve spent the last few months defining exactly how to make this guide the best tool for you. We’ve added a registry checklist that you can easily tear out and take into stores with you, photographs of our collections so you can find one that fits your style, and a product section that walks you through basic information on what you need first, and why. Our goal is not to overwhelm you with all of the options out there; it’s to help simplify your decision making. If we can help you narrow down your choices, suggest a few tried and true favorites, and provide tools to help you register, than you have more time to spend painting your nursery or playing with your other children! Isn’t that the way you want to spend your pregnancy anyway?!

If you are interested in viewing the catalog or receiving a copy, you can simply request it here. In an effort to save trees and “go green” we now have an electronic version that you can view online, print out your favorite pages, or forward to a friend if you think they would like it too!

Let us know what you think about the new registry guide…we hope you think it’s a [useful] little thing. I just wish I could say that cover baby was mine…what a cutie!

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