There are kids in our house!

The irony of my job is that I’m surrounded by kids and baby gear all day but I don’t have children of my own. Don’t get me wrong, I love kids (I even had my own babysitter’s club for close to a decade!), but I’ve only been married for 7 months and we’re just not there yet.  So, even though I can set up and fold down a Pack ’n Play, with my eyes closed, in less than 60 seconds and I am constantly maneuvering through them in the halls at work everyday, the sight of one in my own home last weekend was- well- a little weird. No, it was not some strange work assignment- two real, live toddlers actually spent the night!  It was the first time children have ever stayed in my house, the first time there was “Yo-Baby” yogurt in my fridge, and the first time there was a Graco product in my house that was actually being used by a child.

Ok, I have to be honest; their parents were there too. My brother & sister-in-law brought the family up to stay with us for a night. Kevin and I were a little giddy about all of it. We were so excited to see them but- was our house child-proof? did we have the right snacks? what will they play with? do we have a place for them to sleep? Clearly, we were somewhat unprepared, so we came up with a plan to divide and conquer.  Kevin went to the food store and bought the kid-essentials (?)- apple juice, cheerios, pudding, and this fun snack we discovered- yogos! Thirty minutes later, and high off a sugar rush, I found myself at Target buying race cars and magna doodles. (wish I had read that post before heading out!) But not me! I also had to get the loop-de-loop race track for the cars. This was going to be great!

Soon enough, everyone arrived. Little JMC and APC burst through the door and gave us both a big hug. To our delight, the toys were a hit. Little race cars began flying all over the kitchen. We had the cars that could jump through flames (don’t worry, they were plastic flames). We set up a winners circle, and sent the “losers” under a nearby cabinet (where they still live and probably will stay until we move).

APC was busy with her magna doodle. She is just about 18 months and is starting to talk. It’s really so amazing to realize that this little person has something to tell you. She said “DANK OOH” (thank you) and “GU GUH” (good girl) with such enthusiasm, it had us cracking up. JMC is 3 and such a little gentleman. He was so genuinely grateful for the race cars, it blew us away- a testament to their parents, Matt and Maryann. I think when Kevin and I have kids someday, we might need them to move in- just for the first 5 years or so….

The night ended with all of us dozing off to The Backyardigans- the perfect end to a day of seeing things through a child’s eyes. I think we did well for our first visit. And yes, the race car track is still set up in our kitchen. You may just catch us on any given night, competing for the winner’s circle while popping a few yogos!

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