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We had recently celebrated our 100th post here on the Graco Blog. We received a host of good suggestions and encouraging comments to Lindsay’s commemorative post on the subject. A truly nice moment. Then, conferring with Lindsay a day or so later on a different topic, she brought up some of the comments we’d received [...]

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Introducing Amy!

Now I don’t want to make Jen and Jason feel bad, but I am really excited to introduce a new member of the Graco blog team – Amy Trice. Amy is one of the supervisors in our Consumer Services department. Yes- she is the one you might talk to if you get mad and say “Can [...]

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On the Road Again

With the summer upon us, I am sure that people are reading tons of travel posts lately so I wanted to write about my road trip with my husband and PP to see my sister in Raleigh, NC. We have been traveling to NC every summer since before PP was born. Our first road trip with her [...]

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Wondrous Wednesday # 27

The shirt says it all! What a hunky little dude! This was one of “Stinker’s” first times on the swing at the park. He really hates the sun in his eyes hence the hat and glasses – na he’s really just too cool! This little “Stinker” is the son of close family friend of  Heather Ward – [...]

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My Little Princess?

You know that saying- “Never say never” ? That’s a phrase many-a-parent knows all too well. Because pre-kids, when the phrase “You think you know but you have no idea” is more appropriate, you make all kinds of statements about what you will and will not do as parents once you have kids. Well I [...]

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Help Name Our Unborn Baby!!

Your name says so much about you. How many times have you heard this statement? Well, when you are in the process of naming an unborn child – that statement preoccupies your every thought. You find yourself completely obsessed with finding the “perfect name”. My husband & I are expecting our 2nd child and we [...]

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The unofficial Philly Blogger Graco Get-Together

The Blogosphere is such an amazing way, for people the world over, to connect with each other. There is rarely an expanse that the internet can’t bridge and make two people, who live seemingly a world apart, feel close. The internet opens the whole world to us, yet interacting within this community can make the [...]

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Baby #2 Fears – Be Gone!

Before Hercules was born I had a number of fears about “Baby #2″ and her big brother, Boog.  However, now that she’s almost 11 weeks old I can say that I feel extremely fortunate with Baby #2.  She eats.  She sleeps.  Did I mention that she sleeps?  Oh.  And she doesn’t cry much. Yeah!!!  Definitely a [...]

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Wondrous Wednesday #26

Adorable, blue-eyed “Gracie” was having a nice little walk in the park when she stumbled upon this scene - and this is how it unfolded (according to her dad Larry, a sales rep here at Graco) On a beautiful day one Sunday afternoon, we were walking through a local park and my daughter became very captivated by this statue [...]

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Graco Welcomes another Blogger Baby!

Well it’s 2 down and 2 to go! (Graco blogger baby births, that is)  This time it was Kristin DeLoach who gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl (who they are still calling “BrotherSister” for the blog- don’t be concerned – I know the real name and I can assure you, it is much [...]

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