Guest Celebrity Blogger – Actor, Author and Dad, Evan Handler

Author, Broadway alum, television actor and movie star, leukemia survivor, Father… in case you haven’t guessed, I am talking about Evan Handler. In honor of Father’s Day, Evan Handler (most recently of Sex and the City and his new book Its Only Temporary – The Good News and The Bad News of Being Alive ), was kind enough to write a blog post for Graco. Evan opens up about his latest wondrous moment with his daughter, what he has learned since becoming a parent and lets us in on what types of books he and his family indulge in at bedtime. I am extremely excited to introduce, Evan Handler!

What is your favorite part about being a dad?

Honestly, my favorite part about being a dad so far is seeing the gorgeousness of my wife with our child. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the beauty of our daughter. But to see the woman I love, who wasn’t at all sure she’d have any maternal instincts, just glowing with love for her daughter, and oozing enjoyment and tenderness, is remarkable. I know a lot of women have trouble adjusting to motherhood (and, judging from my own experience, I can understand it). My wife, however, wants to open the photo album to look at pictures the minute the baby is asleep, because she already misses her.

What was your latest wondrous moment with your child?

My wife’s first language is Italian, as is our nanny’s, so our baby is getting a 2 to 1 dose, with English on the losing side (so far). The Italian word for “head” is “testa.” When I hold our baby and say “testa a testa,” she tenderly leans her head against mine, and we stand or sit like that – our private version of the Vulcan mind meld.

What is the biggest thing you have learned now that you are a dad?

Uhhh…you mean besides the fact that my time is no longer my own, or that what I used to experience as “necessary” down time – for reading, watching a game, or just chilling out – will never again exist? I think the thing that’s had the greatest impact on me has been realizing how absolute a baby’s helplessness and vulnerability is. Our daughter’s now 14 months old and starting to walk and talk. But it’ll be years before she’ll be able to care for herself in even the most basic of ways. It’s a responsibility that’s awesome, and humbling, and a privilege.

Is there a family tradition you are passing down to your child or have you started a new one with your own family?

I really don’t remember what my infancy was like, or even many talks about it. But we’re believers in a very dependable routine. There’s nothing extraordinary about it: dinner, bath, book, and bedtime. But those “end of the day” hours seem to make our little one very happy. She calls out what she’s knows comes next with a great deal of glee.

What is your favorite children’s book?

It’s in Italian. It’s called “Ci vuole un fiore.” For the English speakers, we really like a lot of the Eric Carle books. The paintings are just beautiful, our daughter took an instant liking to the images, and they’re cleverly designed to get a child following along and learning different words and movements.

What’s your favorite time of the day with your child?

My favorite time would be whatever her favorite time is- and that’s bath time. She was indifferent early on, but now she’s just in heaven. She laughs, splashes, talks to herself and her toys, and has the most brilliant time.

What is your favorite Graco product?

We’ve been blowing through them all…until recently she was in her SnugRide infant car seat, and we’re now moving her to a toddler size. The first time we put her in a Pack ‘n Play we thought she’d protest. Instead, she laughed and loved it. She loved being able to still see us through the mesh, but not reach us, or be reachable.


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One Response to “Guest Celebrity Blogger – Actor, Author and Dad, Evan Handler”

  1. BananaBlueberry June 16, 2008 at 6:44 pm #

    My son is 4 and still LOVES all the Eric Carle books.

    Love and Life and Best Wishes to you and your family!