Baby #2 Fears – Be Gone!

Before Hercules was born I had a number of fears about “Baby #2″ and her big brother, Boog.  However, now that she’s almost 11 weeks old I can say that I feel extremely fortunate with Baby #2.  She eats.  She sleeps.  Did I mention that she sleeps?  Oh.  And she doesn’t cry much. Yeah!!!  Definitely a big change from her brother, Boog, who cried a LOT and didn’t sleep much as a result (he did eat well though).

I’m not sure if she’s just a better baby or if her Dad and I are just more relaxed, and that our mood has rubbed off on her.  Either way, I’ll take it!  One major fear of Baby #2 demolished!

Another fear I had was Boog’s reaction to Hercules.  Would he resent her?  Would he throw things at her?  Would he regress and become extra clingy with his Dad and I?  Luckily, none of these things has happened.  Actually, the opposite has.  He’s become a huge helper (he shares his disgusting dirty stuffed animals, “helps” put her hat on, and even protects her from the kids at daycare who swarm around the baby when I enter the room (“No.  No.  Baby sleeping,” he tells them)

I guess the only fear I had that came true is how quickly time is flying by.  Seriously, I’m not sure how it’s 8:30am one minute and then suddenly 5pm the next.  And during that time I started about eight things I wanted to get accomplished only to have them all about one-quarter completed.  And how is it possible that my little newborn is now 10 weeks old and starting to look like a real baby and not just a newborn?

Now that I’ve accepted the fact that I won’t get as much done, my next fear is “What the heck will I do when I go back to work?” How will I EVER get out the door on time?  If I can’t get stuff done now what will happen when I work?  Will I be able to function at work with so little sleep?

I don’t know the answers, but I know plenty of other Moms do it (and do it well!) so I have to trust these fears will be for nothing too.  I’ll manage somehow, I’m sure.  I have a feeling that it will take me awhile to find the balance that makes me feel like I’m a successful Mom and business person, but I’ll get there.  I did before and I will again.  And at the end of the day I know that as long as I have my “baby time” and “kid time” I’ll be happy.

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