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BlogHer 08 Wrap up

I’ve taken a long time to write this post, not just to capture the long list of incredible women (and man) I met 2 weeks ago at the BlogHer conference in San Francisco, but because I couldn’t quite figure out how to put into words what the experience meant to me. Well in the 2 [...]

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Wondrous Wednesday # 32

This is blogger, Lindsay Lebresco’s daughter “B” with her Granddad. It looks as though “B” is concerned and wondering: Where is Granddad’s helmet?   Every Wednesday we’ll be sharing a photo showing off a little bit of wonder in the lives of our extended Graco family of customers, employees and friends.

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My childcare choice – Daycare it is!

“Strangers raising my child” – this phrase (that I recently heard) really irks me. I hear people say this when trying to decide whether to stay home or return to work outside to the home and send their children to daycare. I have to say - this statement really hurts my feelings since to me, it implies that I [...]

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Learning Curves and Lessons from a Dog Mom

A month with Rocky and we’ve come a long way… There is A LOT to learn when taking on a new responsibility like a puppy.  I have learned a ton (mostly from my mistakes) and after a few weeks of getting used to this whole dog-Mom thing, I think we are in good shape. Here are the [...]

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Reliving Summer Memories

Many of you know that I have an insaniac 2 year old boy who’s constantly on the go and who I think would not sleep if we didn’t make him go to bed (seriously, my hubby and I have considered just letting him go to see what time he would actually fall asleep). Anyway, one [...]

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Wondrous Wednesday # 31

This is Joey, son of Josh Clapper from the Swing and Entertainer Team. If fish could talk, I wonder if the conversation would go something like this… Joey - “Hey Mr. Fish, can I have my worm back?” Mr. Fish - “Too late for that kid. Ooohhh, aaaahhh, not behind the gills, kid! That tickles!” Catching your first fish- [...]

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Summer Camp: The Aftermath

Gus just completed his annual week in the mountains at summer Boy Scout Camp. I don’t know exactly how many Scout Troops were there this year, but there sure were a lot of uninformed Scouts on that mountain. I haven’t seen that much Khaki since the last clearance sale at the GAP. As usual, he [...]

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How Much is the 1st Lock of Hair Worth? Priceless! (or maybe not)

I can now laugh about this story, but there was a moment when I couldn’t hold back the tears. Most people reading this will think it’s a bit strange – I can tell you I received my fair share of stares at the Rental Car Office. But to all of the mothers out there, I [...]

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Postcards from BlogHer

I am very happy to say that I am here at the AMAZING BlogHer Conference (and I hope this post doesn’t feel like I’m rubbing it in to you and you and you) but I have been excited about coming since I went to BlogHer Business in April and because of all the non-stop buzz on Twitter, You [...]

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Guest Celebrity Blogger – Actress and Mom – Marcia Cross

I am elated that Marcia Cross agreed to blog for Graco! Marcia and husband Tom Mahoney, welcomed fraternal twins, Eden and Savannah, in February of 2007. The girls were in Graco Infant SafeSeats as infants and enjoyed napping in a Graco Twin Bassinet. Most recently Marcia has upgraded her girls to a Toddler SafeSeat Step 2. As a very successful actress, Marcia has [...]

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