Pup-ternity Leave… Please?

As you know there is a big baby boom going on over here at the Graco office, especially among the bloggers. Well I have joined the mommy club! My “son” is about 2 feet long, 20lbs, has beautiful shiny black hair, and big brown eyes: puppy-dog-eyes that is! My new four legged little friend, Rocky is the most handsome black lab I have ever laid eyes on.

Every time Rocky cuddles up against me or gives me kisses, it melts my heart.  The first time I heard Patrick tell Rocky to “go get mommy” those three words turned into my second favorite set of three words – right after “I love you.” It’s amazing the feeling you get when a child a dog depends on you and sees you as the caretaker, the comforter, the mommy. I love it. And just as I planned – this is the perfect way to get me and Patrick ready for the big family I hope for someday.

Maternal instincts kicked in instantly with Rocky. He is my first dog EVER so everyone was thinking I would be totally grossed out by doggy drool, eye boogies, cleaning up poop and pee accidents and so on… but not the case.  When Patrick and I went to pick up Rocky on Monday morning I couldn’t have been more excited! After learning a little bit about Rocky and his routine, we departed the dog foster home and headed back to our house with our new addition to the family! Rocky sat on my lap the whole way home. He was a little scared. Do dogs drool when they are scared? My whole pant leg was sopping wet from drool, but I didn’t care at all! I actually found it somewhat endearing… (alright, I know that’s strange and maybe disgusting, but he’s my baby!)

Once we got home my little Rock Star was so nervous, it really took him a while to warm up. We worked on learning his new name (he didn’t look like a Fletcher to us), going to the potty outside (and NOT on my dining room area rug [4 times!!]). After we spent some time at the house, I took Rocky to visit his daddy at work. Of course I had to put Rocky’s little baby blue bandanna around his neck, we totally embarrassed Patrick when I showed up wearing baby blue as well. It wasn’t quite the matching Burberry scarves that I have always imagined- but Rocky isn’t really a designer-name kinda dog (and apparently neither is his mother). Oh and I guess the Graco diaper bag with Rocky’s toys and other necessities was embarrassing to Patrick as well! I think I went a little overboard (not the first time)!

Once I got back home with my little guy we went for a long walk in our yard- we have a huge yard with a lake so going to the park didn’t seem necessary and I really wanted Rocky to get familiar with the lay of the land- where to go – where not to go. Rocky and I totally bonded. We picked flowers, wrestled around, chased rabbits, had a photo shoot, tried  to play fetch and I told him all about our new house and how happy he is going to be here.  We couldn’t wait until Daddy got home from work so we could all eat dinner together and go for a walk. (Rocky and I were starving after all of that playing)

I decided to give him a bath before dinner so he was nice and clean for bedtime. Piece-of-cake! He was such a good boy, so calm and easy going.  I almost put on a pair of board shorts and a rash guard and hopped in the tub with him! But I figured that would be really, really weird.

OK, I know Rocky is just a dog, but the thought of leaving him alone all day so soon made me so sad. I just couldn’t do it. I made plans to work from home on Tuesday so I could be around for him and continue to familiarize him with his new home and ME! Let’s just call this my pup-ternity leave. Don’t worry Lindsay and Kim – I was really working!

Adopting Rocky has been one of the best experiences of my life. He is a huge responsibility and caring for him takes a lot of teamwork between Patrick and I. Rocky has certainly made the two of us feel more like a family… maybe my mom will agree to let Rocky (her “Grand-dog” as she says) be in our wedding next March! Highly doubtful…

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2 Responses to “Pup-ternity Leave… Please?”

  1. Mainline Mom July 6, 2008 at 8:10 pm #

    Aww he’s so cute! Congrats!

  2. Beth ‘boardie’ Dawson August 28, 2008 at 8:13 am #

    lol he is gorgeous, congratulations x