Childproofing the Backyard

I remember when we really started childproofing our house. We My husband installed a hardware mounted gate at both the top and bottom of the stairs. Outlet plugs went into all the outlets. Locks were put on cabinets (these were quickly replaced with another set because Slick figured out the original latches within 2 days) and then not too long after that, a 3rd type of cabinet lock was installed. You name it, we my husband did it.

Fast forward to the first day of really nice weather this year. We took Slick outside to play. As soon as Slick’s feet were on the ground, he was discovering new ways to injure himself- the concrete steps with sharp edges, the nail heads he found sticking up on a wooden step, the dozen (there really are that many) outdoor electrical outlets (which seemed like such a bonus when we bought the house), and the fence gate. Well that might as well not even be there! Did I mention the huge bed of river rock separating our patio and yard? I guess the previous owner’s 3 poodles had no problem navigating that terrain. A toddler (or clumsy adult like myself) – not so much. We now find ourselves in the middle of trying to remove rocks from a small section so we can plant grass and make the journey a little safer from our patio to the yard.

Lucky for us, Slick thinks moving thousands of rocks is fun. He’s been moving stones – one by one. What a helper! Sometimes he puts them in the bucket, sometimes he throws them to a different spot and sometimes he buries them in his sand table. Maybe he’s not the most productive stone picker-upper, but he makes us smile while we toil away. I’m sure once this project is completed, Slick will undoubtedly only want to stumble through the remaining rocks to get to the grass.

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