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First day of Kindergarten

Traditionally, the Labor Day weekend has always been considered the last holiday weekend before school starts. For those of you who get to enjoy this holiday in a haze of no homework, scaled back schedules and a light-footedness that seems to accompany summertime – EAT IT UP because next week-school is in session. Our guest [...]

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The ABC’s of Carpooling

As the school year is here (or just about here) for so many of us, it is also the time for carpooling. Graco has pulled together the ABC’s of carpooling with kids – just some things to keep in mind as you hit the road this fall with a gaggle of kids in your car [...]

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Wondrous Wednesday #36

This is my friend Katie’s niece “K-Cakes.” She is hard at work on her art project. You gotta love the smock! “I’m so glad Mommy likes abstract art. I’m getting good at this, this one will definitely make the fridge!”   Wednesday we’ll be sharing a photo showing off a little bit of wonder in [...]

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Parents Share Their Baby Soothing Tips

Remember the days of soothing your little one without some of the fancy swings and soothing centers that Graco makes today? (my mom does and she reminds me about it often) Well back in June, we sent Metropolitan Mama one of Graco’s latest and greatest creations, the Sweetpeace Newborn Soothing Center, to check out for [...]

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Why? Why? Why? Why? Why???????

It seemed like just a few months ago that I was relishing in my son’s inquisitive nature- thinking his adorable questions about why birds live outside and why I go to work all the time and why his baby sister (who’s not such a baby anymore) cries so much. So cute!  Fast foward to now. [...]

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Graco Summer Carnival Recap

FUN! That’s the word Jagger and B (and probably the other 75 kids that attended) chose to describe yesterday’s Graco Summer Carnival.  IMPRESSIVE. That’s the word I would choose to describe yesterday’s event. First, let me tell you why all the kids, and actually the adults too, had such a blast. – A Petting zoo! I know. You [...]

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My BlogHer Report (a little late…)

They say better late than never so here are some of my thoughts about the BlogHer conference that took place back in July in San Fran. It was my first time to BlogHer & to San Francisco. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to really experience San Francisco (I was so bummed that I didn’t get [...]

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Wondrous Wednesday #35

This is car seat product manager, Shannon Hart’s family. Shannon’s daughter, “GB” and her daddy are washing their trucks on a Sunday afternoon. Like father, like daughter! Every Wednesday we’ll be sharing a photo showing off a little bit of wonder in the lives of our extended Graco family of customers, employees and friends.

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What’s on your playlist?

The time has come for me to really crack down on what words reach my child’s ears. Slick is starting to talk a lot more. I know he’s hearing some conversations that are not appropriate for children- in the home and outside the home. My husband and I are trying to watch what we say. [...]

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Random Thoughts

Sometimes my mind wanders to weird and interesting places. Really. Do you ever find yourself thinking about something and then try and back track through your thoughts to figure out how you got to the subject you were just thinking about? My latest example – I was pondering how one would go about making an [...]

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