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Sometimes my mind wanders to weird and interesting places. Really. Do you ever find yourself thinking about something and then try and back track through your thoughts to figure out how you got to the subject you were just thinking about? My latest example – I was pondering how one would go about making an ice sculpture (like I really care or need to know this!)

But, anyway, I digress (which is how my mind wanders in the first place, I guess). So recently, I found myself thinking- what age I would most like to be if I was one age forever. This is a tough one that I think will lead into some good mindless thinking, although I’m trying to avoid thinking of the ages I WOULDN’T want to be right now. (way too many scarred memories from junior high and most of high school there!)

Oh. And if you’re wondering how a working mom of two has so many random, mindless thoughts I have a couple thoughts on that. . . a) we’ve had WAY too many long car rides this summer and b) I think it might be the only way I maintain some semblance of sanity. Good mindless thinking can be very healthy and beneficial, I think.

OK. Enough of that. Back to the subject at hand. . . What age would I most like to be if I had to be one forever?  How about:

I can’t say exactly what it was about being eight that I loved so much. Maybe just the absolute freedom of being a kid. Seriously, eight was pretty fun, plus you didn’t have all the trauma of really difficult school work, you didn’t have to work yet, and the stress of liking boys wasn’t even present. All I know is that I liked being eight so much that I made it my favorite number and I didn’t like another year better enough to change it (plus, I’m too old and set in my ways now to change my favorite number).

Senior year in high school – I could drive. Freedom! I had an older boyfriend (I still can’t believe my parents were OK with me having a boyfriend that was 4 years older!). I didn’t get home before 10pm each night with all my activities. After years of awkwardness, I finally felt like I conquered the teen and high school thing (as much as any teen can, at least). Did I mention I could drive?

We all know what the age “21″ brings.  Somehow I was able to make dean’s list while still making it to 25 cent wings night twice a week, playing every possible intramural sport, writing a beer book (my roommate and I rated all 111 beers at the bar that was next to our apartment), and having a work-study (yes, study) job. Plus, this is the age when my husband and I FINALLY got together after being friends for three years.

I moved back to Philly at the same time all my friends from college did.  As a bonus, my hubby-to-be and I lived in the same city again- it was like college again every weekend! (only I had money now) I worked really hard. But I also had a ton of fun. I did the Jersey shore thing – ‘nuff said.

NOW (Thirty-five)
Coming back to Philly a second time has been great! It’s like being twenty-five all over again and having all my friends from college in the same area. Only now we live out in the burbs, go to bed long before 2am, and have kids. Yes. The kids. While I love so many different times in my life, it’s hard to imagine being any age forever when Boog and Hercules weren’t there. They’ve made my life so much more- I guess 35 it is!

How about you? What age would you want to be forever?

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4 Responses to “Random Thoughts”

  1. Erin McHugh August 19, 2008 at 9:10 am #

    Even though I am 24 now- I think I would choose 35 too. By that time I will be married, hopefully have kids and pay the mortgage down a bit!!

    I would also like to be 14 again. My freshmen year of high school was awesome- cheerleading, boys, tons of friends, the mall, allowance, Chuck Taylors every day, summers at the beach, still being the baby of the family and eating whatever I want- can’t beat that!

  2. Monica August 19, 2008 at 10:07 am #

    Wow that Scooby picture brings back memories, thankfully you didn’t pull out one of the shore pics. 25 was so much fun! oh and so was 21 – what ever happened to “the book”? Of course 36 is fun too. I agree I can’t imagine life without stinkerdoodle (Brianna) and scooterbug (Kiersten). I love the girls’ ages now, 3 & 5. They think they know it all but they don’t have the attitude of a teenage (even though they try) and they still come running back for hugs and kisses and bedtime cuddles.

  3. Fran August 20, 2008 at 8:16 pm #

    If you had asked me this question a few years ago, I would have picked 21. While all 4 college years were great, it became even better when I turned 21 and could finally go out with all of my (older) friends. We had such few responsibilities then; we just had to take care of ourselves.

    Now that I’m a mom of two, I have to pick right now. So, 32 it is. Every day, I just want time to stop. Being a mom and wife make me feel much more complete. I get to watch and help my two little ones grow up, and I don’t think life can get better than that.

  4. Meverly September 2, 2008 at 9:20 am #

    Helloooo stroller friend! It was always fun sitting in meetings when you had your sporadic ‘OH’ moments, no doubt as a result of a random thought! I bet this one about your favorite age was during a budget meeting wasn’t it?!? Or maybe one of our thrilling QA discussions, huh? I enjoyed these snapshots into your past. (Early) best wishes for a happy Bday this month and all great times your next age will bring!