Baby #2 and the Differences…what fun!

Wow!  What a journey and what joy come with welcoming baby #2 into a family.  It all started with the surprise of “is it a Girl or is it a Boy”.  And the minute we realized we had 2 healthy little girls and a sisterhood forming, we were thrilled.

I must say it is amazing at the differences in baby #1 to baby #2 and how we as parents handle the situations in our parenthood journey.  My husband and I are only 10 days into our parenting TWO children…and I have discovered 6 small but somewhat amusing differences in how we handle situations with our 2nd versus our 1st.

Just to name a few:

#1:      What’s In a Name?

With your 1st baby and their arrival into the world you have your baby names all confirmed and the birth announcements 95% complete.  Well, our 2nd child (Love Bug) arrived and went unnamed for 24 hours.  Our family was curious and a bit concerned that we could go 42 weeks of pregnancy and have a child without a name for 24 hours after birth.  That would never happen with your first baby.

#2:      The Drive Home

Another difference between the 1st and 2nd baby is the drive home from the hospital and those first 24 hours in your parenthood journey.  With the 2nd baby it all seems a little easier than the first time around.  Fewer nerves and questions as we are “experienced” parents now.  We checked the bassinet next to our bed easily 50 times during our first night home with our 1st baby (Bear) and during the first night with our 2nd baby (Love Bug) that number was cut to a conservative but still overly sensitive 25 times.

#3:      Where’s my Body?

The shock to your body.  It’s easy to forget (with your 1st baby) that you leave the hospital looking more pregnant than when you entered.  However, with the 2nd baby you are all too aware of the long-road ahead in losing that dreaded weight. 

Funny story…Our first night home from the hospital with Love Bug I ran into a restaurant for our take-out and a nice gentleman said, “let me hold the door for the mom to be”.  I quickly informed him that our 3 day old baby was in the car.  I can laugh now, but I did want to slap him.

#4:      The First BIG Trip

Your first trip out with the new baby is typically the doctor appointment.  With your 1st child it is a “family affair” with pictures, a special outfit, a bath beforehand and more.  With our Little Love Bug (2nd child) – my husband met us at the Doctors Office, and I felt I had just conducted a small miracle by showering, dressing, combing hair, brushing teeth and arriving 10 minutes early with THREE of us (Bear, Love Bug and myself). 

#5:      Planning a Family Vacation

With your 1st baby you would never think to plan a week long vacation 3 weeks from your due date.  With your 2nd baby…bring it on!  All summer we have been talking about renting a lakehouse for a week and getting away from it all.  A time to disconnect and spend some time dreaming, talking, life-planning…you know one of those introspective weeks.  Well, we just happened to do it with our 2 week old baby and 2 year old.  AWESOME time and totally manageable.

#6:      Your Husband’s First Work Trip

With you 1st baby you would never allow your husband to leave for a week-long work trip before the baby is at least a month old.  And between 1 month old and 6 months old you would probably have a family member in town “to help”.  Well…with the 2nd baby, your husband announces he has a work trip when the baby is 2 weeks old and yes, I’m flying solo with 2 children for the first time.  Sure…it was a bit intimidating but extremely empowering when I pulled it off with fun and ease. 

And to think we are less than a month into baby #2 and the fun differences we experience in this new parenthood journey.  We are ecstatic about what’s ahead.


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3 Responses to “Baby #2 and the Differences…what fun!”

  1. casual friday everyday September 16, 2008 at 10:29 am #

    Welcome to the wild ride of siblings! It’s a joy most of the time ;) Your daughters are beautiful.

  2. Mom101 October 3, 2008 at 1:42 pm #

    Huge huge congrats Kim. The kids look so beautiful and happy – and as someone about four seconds ahead of you on the two child thing, I can promise you there are plenty more differences to come.

  3. David December 22, 2008 at 11:57 am #

    I too am looking forward to #2! We didn’t have a name picked out until the next morning for our first! You’re right that it was incredibly nerve racking but does it really matter? Next time we’ll try to be more prepared.