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Wondrous Wednesday #39

This is 3 month old “Patoochie.” “Are you kidding me? No shirt, no service? But, really I have a shirt, its in my golf diaper bag next to my pants! Dadda – a little help?”   Every Wednesday we’ll be sharing a photo showing off a little bit of wonder in the lives of our extended Graco [...]

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Amusement Park Chariot: the Quattro Tour Stroller

Since recently traveling to Sesame Place with fellow blogger, Lindsay and another friend of ours, I have been dubbed the “Amusement Park Junkie.” I guess I can agree with this statement—after going to Disney World for a week, my husband & I proceeded to take Pudding Pop to Hershey Park. And, a month later, PP [...]

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Baby #2 and the Differences…what fun!

Wow!  What a journey and what joy come with welcoming baby #2 into a family.  It all started with the surprise of “is it a Girl or is it a Boy”.  And the minute we realized we had 2 healthy little girls and a sisterhood forming, we were thrilled. I must say it is amazing [...]

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Sleep is for the Weak – Blogger Book Signings!

Sleep is for the Weak. Moms-we know this, don’t we? Expectant Moms- sleep now and get ready! This post isn’t going to give you any pointers on how to get sleep when you most need it, it’s certainly not going to tell you “sleep when baby sleeps” because someone undoubtedly already told you that, but [...]

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Simplicity Bassinet Recall Information – September 11, 2008

Because the Graco blog is an additional way of sharing information with our consumers, we wanted to make sure all of our readers are aware of a recent recall involving bassinets manufactured by Simplicity, Inc. – some of the models affected by this recall may carry the Graco logo. We want to urge consumers to CHECK THE [...]

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Wondrous Wednesday #38

These are General Manager, Mike Halak’s beautiful children on the first day of school. From left to right- G-Man, Diva and Cookie. Back to school everyone!   Every Wednesday we’ll be sharing a photo showing off a little bit of wonder in the lives of our extended Graco family of customers, employees and friends.

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Do You Love Graco? If so, we want YOU!

If you love the Graco brand, we’ve got [what we think] is a really exciting opportunity for you! Even though Graco just joined the blogging community a short 8 months ago, we have been reading and listening to the online space for years. The knowledge we’ve gained from all the smart parents out there, has been important [...]

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Are You Ready for the Road Ahead?

I am very excited to tell you about a new parenting resource website that Graco just launched called Ready for the Road Ahead.  Ready for the Road Ahead is an online tool built to help parents obtain car seat information as well as travel tips and advice as their child grows from infancy to 10 years old. Graco understands that parents can sometimes feel [...]

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Ready for the Road Ahead – Bloggers Behind the Scenes

A few months back, a group of incredibly talented people met in a large, impressive boardroom in New York City where the steamy coffee flowed freely, the scrumptious croissants were buttered generously, the free wireless streamed effortlessly and of course, yours truly was there. (well if we have to get technical, I wasn’t actually invited)  [...]

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Happy National Grandparents Day!

Since this Sunday, September 7th, is

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