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Yes, Virginia there is a Baby Sitter

Black Friday = shopping and with kids, shopping = tantrums. You know, that litany of loud sobbing protests lodged in frustration during a shopping spree. (Okay, that sound is me when my wife makes me wait outside the ladies dressing room holding her purse while she tries on every stitch of clothing in her size [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

  Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!      

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Wondrous Wednesday #49

This is my friend Ryan’s son, “Bean.”  Ryan and I just reconnected through Facebook and I came across pictures of this adorable little man.  Gobble-Gobble!  I recieved this photo from fellow blogger, Heather. This is her friends’ son, “Turkey.” This was a decoration from his first birthday party – can you guess the theme? Heather was a HUGE help [...]

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The End of a [Thanksgiving] Era

Traditionalist, domestic, quite-the-cook, family-oriented, homebody, entertainer - these are all words that describe me that can probably show you, in a nut shell, why I am so bummed that I am not hosting Thanksgiving dinner in my new house this year- but for very good reasons. Until I was about eight years old my Grandmother hosted Thanksgiving [...]

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Thanksgiving Traditions

Traditions are certainly high on my list of things I’d like to instill in my kids- especially around the holidays.  I’m looking for some new ones so I thought I’d ask the blog team what they do (boy did they have a bunch to share!) and of course, like anything else, I googled “Thanksgiving Traditions” [...]

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The Graco Nation Ambassador Program

I am excited to announce the launch of the Graco Nation Ambassador Program!  What is Graco Nation, you ask? It’s a very special community of Graco Fans who have stood up and said “I love Graco!” About 2 months ago we launched a “call for entries” for folks who’d like to build a deeper relationship [...]

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Cool, Fun Kid-Sitting!

These days I’m feeling the urge to get some “on the job” training to prepare myself for motherhood, so I offered to watch Lindsay’s kids while she and her husband went to a charity event. It was awesome! Here’s how my “training” went: When I first arrived at the Lebresco residence, I was a little nervous. [...]

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Wondrous Wednesday #48

This is 2 year old “Marshmallow,” niece of our National Event Marketing Manager, Heidi Parker.   Aunt Heidi, is there something in my teeth? Every Wednesday we’ll be sharing a photo showing off a little bit of wonder in the lives of our extended Graco family of customers, employees and friends.  

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Family Bed or Sleep Deprivation?

Second pregnancy, advanced maternal age, full-time job, with an active 3 year old. This is the situation I found myself in earlier this year. A year or so back, Baby had successfully transitioned into a big girl bed in her own room with very little sleep disruption for the household. DH and I were extremely [...]

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The Baby Prep “Bucket List”

I remember waiting the three LOOONNNGGG months before I told my friends and family I was pregnant. It felt like it took forever! Now, in my seventh month, I feel like my pregnancy is flying by! There are so many things I want to do before the baby comes in January. So, I created a [...]

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