The Baby Prep “Bucket List”

I remember waiting the three LOOONNNGGG months before I told my friends and family I was pregnant. It felt like it took forever! Now, in my seventh month, I feel like my pregnancy is flying by!

There are so many things I want to do before the baby comes in January. So, I created a “Baby Bucket” list and I am slowly chipping away at it (I am sweating as I think about it—husband will get a panicked call shortly):

Figure out a name for “Baby Ward” on this blog
Have an all-girls getaway weekend (Done!) Gotta have priorities!
Prepare the nursery: Pick bedding for the nursery (Done!), which will lead to painting the nursery, which will lead to furniture purchases, which will lead to organizing all of baby’s things (In progress)
Relaxation: Sleep in whenever I/we can (Ongoing)
Creating the perfect nest for baby (& all of the visitors which will come over when baby is born): to include, but not limited to…building a garage, painting, landscaping, hanging pictures that have been leaning against the wall, training the dog, “Spring Cleaning” in December, hiring an electrician, making the house more energy efficient—Wait, reality check (2010)
Naming the baby—includes online searches, conversations with family for ancestor names, thumbing through countless baby name books, running them by my husband—“no, no, no way, too much like a soap opera character, maybe, didn’t like that kid, good one) and then having to go through it all again! (Getting warmer!)
Registering with Melissa: I know my home will be filled with LOTS of Graco products, but we don’t make EVERYTHING! I need to add onesies, Butt Paste (nice), diapers, toys—all extra complicated by not knowing the sex of the baby, but still so much fun! (Ongoing)
Go to places that are not necessarily kid friendly: The movies, dates with my husband, shopping (Ongoing)
Find the perfect childcare (Work in progress)
Prepare the dog that there will be a “new boss” in our household (Getting there)

There should be pre-maternity leave to get this stuff done! Is there anything I should add to my “baby bucket list” that you did before baby arrived? I would love to hear from you!

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11 Responses to “The Baby Prep “Bucket List””

  1. Amy Trice November 17, 2008 at 4:02 pm #

    That’s a very impressive baby bucket list! I froze some home cooked meals that only required reheating. It was an absolute lifesaver during the first couple weeks we were trying to adjust to life with a new baby.

  2. BananaBlueberry November 17, 2008 at 9:59 pm #

    Hey- Love the picture- that’s our backyard/city :)

    From a mom whose water broke 3 weeks early (my son was fine- JUST BIG):

    * have the nursery ready- go out and buy the furniture… now.
    * have the bassinet
    * have BOTTLES AND KNOW HOW THEY WORK (IF you have a baby that just cannot get the nursing thing at first) This totally freaked me out, I was like, “This child needs food! Get me a bottle before he starves!” It was all okay in a few days- I’ll blame hormones :)
    * Go out and buy yourself a really nice, warm nightgown- you are having a winter baby, just like me- trust me on this one: you’ll wear it… a lot :)

    Congratulations :) These are special weeks !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Karen Hartzell November 18, 2008 at 3:36 pm #

    Accept help when offered by family and friends! Take advantage of their kindness.

    If you feel odd about requesting specific tasks of people, then make a list of things that are needed, ie: light cleaning tasks, grocery pick up, other errands, even just watching baby while showering. If someone asks what they can do to help, your list is right there. They are free to pick something that needs to be done to help you. Everyone wins!

  4. Heather Ward November 18, 2008 at 5:14 pm #

    Blogging is amazing! Everyone has provided suggestions on things that as a new mom, I did not even think about! I love Nicole’s suggestion on picking up warm “evening wear”(nightgown!)–since I will have a winter baby (and we keep the house a bit on the chilly side!). Fortunately, since I work at Graco I already have my Pack N Play/bassinet ready to go! I love the Deco pattern! However, I do have to add to my list, “Learn how to cook” in order to prep the frozen meals! It will be fun to make things over the holidays since I will be home.

  5. casual friday everyday November 20, 2008 at 4:54 pm #

    Lots to do. So little time ;) We need to buy some essentials but otherwise we’re pretty set. This is our third son so we didn’t have to do much. :)

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