Cool, Fun Kid-Sitting!

These days I’m feeling the urge to get some “on the job” training to prepare myself for motherhood, so I offered to watch Lindsay’s kids while she and her husband went to a charity event. It was awesome! Here’s how my “training” went:

When I first arrived at the Lebresco residence, I was a little nervous. (Probably because I know Lindsay and her husband are pretty cool parents and that their kids wouldn’t be excited to see them off for the night.) Jagger  was actually fine – he did a great job of explaining to me why I was there in the first place “my mommy and daddy will leave and you will stay here with us until we go to bed. Then they will come back and you won’t be here in the morning when I wake up.” Yeah, that’s about right!!

When Lindsay and Chris finally were on their way out, B  pretty much flipped out- I felt so bad!!! As a former “I will cry for my mom until she comes back” child, I totally understood her tears and almost cried myself. I took B inside while the sitter from across the street watched Jagger. At that point in time, I really didn’t think she would ever stop crying. I did everything I thought would work: tell her mommy would be back soon, hugged her, rubbed her back, and wiped her snot tears. Finally I sat her on the couch and pretended to trip and fall over the coffee table – it was very dramatic. That totally caught B’s attention (she stopped the major sob and went into a slight pout). So I did it again. A broken nail and a rug burn later, B stopped crying. I guess she thinks it’s funny to see me get hurt or she is just that smart and realized what an idiot I looked like and what I would resort to make her happy. I learned that technique from Adam Sandler.

 When we went back outside the other kids were starting to wind down. The Lebresco kids were very helpful at clean up time. They both helped me gather all of the toys and cram them into the garage (Sorry Lindsay, we weren’t very organized about it!!).

Then we went inside for dinner, they had chicken and corn, actually B only ate the corn, Jagger is super picky. As I was getting them all set up at the dining room table, Jagger asked me if they could eat in front of the TV. I kind of had a feeling that they may not be allowed to do that often, but since it was a Saturday night and being the cool babysitter that I am, I let them (Lindsay- sorry again!).

As they were eating I turned my back for literally two seconds, when I looked back over at the kids, there was corn all over the place… that was pretty funny. B’s face was priceless, she totally expected me to be mad, but I wasn’t at all. Accidents happen right?

After dinner we played games, read books, sang a few songs, and chatted a bit. It was a blast! I decided to put the kids in their pajamas on the early side because it just seemed about the right time to get them out of their play clothes. Once they had PJ’s on they just wanted to relax with their blankies and watch TV (a very educational program, I promise). When it was really bedtime we did the whole routine – brush teeth, wash hands, diaper change, read stories, hugs, kisses and cuddling. Again, awesome!

I just wonder if all kids are really this easy going and lovable… I truly did have a great time. I was happy to hear that when Jagger woke up the next day (even though he knew I’d be gone) he asked where his babysitter went. And yes, he referred to me as “Babysitter” the entire night. Too cute!

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3 Responses to “Cool, Fun Kid-Sitting!”

  1. mom101 November 21, 2008 at 10:38 am #

    Any sitter who takes her cues from Adam Sandler can’t be all bad. Let me know if you ever have some free babysitting time oh, say Friday nights? NYC area?

  2. Erin November 21, 2008 at 1:58 pm #

    LOL! At least it is Adam Sandler in Big Daddy and not Billy Madison!!

  3. Jendi November 27, 2008 at 5:37 pm #

    Sounds like you did a great job! Babysitting is great on the job training.

    And…um…I don’t think all kids are sweet all the time…hate to burst your bubble. They’re just human like we are.

    Just hold on to the good times in your heart for when the bad times come.