A Holiday to Remember

first-dinner-partyOne of my favorite aspects of Christmas is remembering passed Holidays. When my mom and I get together at Christmas you can bet that there are a few conversations that start with:

“Hey Mom, remember… that Christmas I got my first ’My Little Pony’  tea set?”

Or “Honey, do you remember… when I used to tell you that Santa  turned the closet into a fireplace overnight so he was able to get in the house to give you your gifts?”

We do a lot of reminiscing over the Holidays. I love to hear my mom, step-dad and grandparents share memories from their childhood and I think they find it entertaining to hear about what I remember from when I was really young. When thinking about writing a blog post of holiday memories, I came up with a great idea! Why not gather short stories from our Graco Ambassadors? So here are their stories of miracles, magic and memories that will last a lifetime…

Kim - My favorite memory involves waiting for Santa. I was probably around 8 and I got up before the rest of the house and went into the living room and laid down on the floor next to the tree and just stared at it for what seemed like forever. The house was quiet, but so full of magic. At the time, it was all about me, but as a memory, it keeps alive the true meaning of Christmas for me because of the mystery and the anticipation. In general, most of my best memories though, come from seeing the world through my kids’ eyes.

Nicole  – My water broke, like a streaming river, a week before Christmas in 2003. I was 3 weeks early… and nervous. But I got a healthy, big, beautiful baby boy. I woke up on Christmas morning, looked over at him, and couldn’t imagine a better gift; I still can’t!

Stacy – My favorite Christmas memory is simple. On Christmas morning, my sisters and I discovered that Santa Claus covered our tree with candy canes! We spent all day scouring the tree to find each candy cane, so we could dip them in our hot chocolate as we listen to Christmas music and enjoy our gifts. This tradition cost next to nothing, but the memories are priceless.

Janel – On Christmas Eve 2004, my husband and I broke the news to my parents that they were going to become grandparents for the first time. I don’t think anything in Santa’s bag could have topped that Christmas gift.

Deb – My most memorable holiday moment isn’t really one specific moment, but instead is the time every year that we get together with my mom’s family on Christmas night for dinner. This family get-together has been going on since before I was born – and has continued every year, without fail. It’s changed locations a few times and various people haven’t come some years for whatever reason, but every year my mom, her two sisters and her brother – and whoever from their families can make it, all gather together for Christmas. It’s the only time that we generally see each other, barring any weddings, showers or other events during the year. We always say that we should plan something during the summer months, but then somehow another year’s gone by and it’s Christmas time again and we realize that none of us ever made the effort.

I’ve missed a few of these gatherings myself for one reason or another, but it just never really feels like Christmas unless we’re there. Over the years the gathering has changed and grown as kids have grown up, gotten married and had kids of our own. And I know that someday, after my mom’s generation has passed, that my cousins and I probably won’t continue the tradition. So every year I cherish the time spent with family and enjoy seeing my kids play with my cousins’ kids – all celebrating the holidays together. That is what Christmas is to me.

Laurie – A special memory of mine from childhood Christmases is getting a new ornament each year. From a red-headed plastic Snow White that would only appeal to a two year old to to a beautiful ballarina purchased at a performance of the Nutcracker when I was 12, each ornament, labeled with the year it was acquired, holds a special significance that I share with my own kids as we hang them on our family tree. I’ve started this tradition with my kids and hope that their growing box of hand-selected ornaments will bring them as much joy as mine does for me.

Jeff – One of the most memorable Holidays was two years ago when our son was two. I remember my wife and I setting out cookies and milk (I was so excited to eat them) and a carrot for Rudolph. We made such a big deal about Santa since our son became terrified by him at the mall during pictures! So on Christmas morning we all were up at 6am and took our son downstairs where he saw his stocking and a few small gifts — he became very excited. He starting looking at the gifts and trying to ask questions about Santa and how the gifts got there. Christmas has been fun ever since! Now we have 2 kids, 4yo son and 2yo daughter. Can’t wait for a few more days…

Kelly - My most memorable Christmas memory to date would have to be Dec. 25, 1995. I was young, newly married and many many miles from ‘home’, family and friends. Not only was it our first Christmas together as a married couple- playing grown up , pretending we were adults at 18 & 19 years old, it was also our first Christmas as a family. You see, our oldest was born just 2 days prior! Nothing like timing with that child! Drama Queen has always lived up to her name, she came 10 days late but thank goodness we were able to escape the hospital on Christmas Eve. I can still remember us sitting around our Christmas tree. We were a military family- a new military family, so not the best off financially but we were soo happy. Our itty bitty had finally come & our family was formed. Plenty of time to count the fingers and toes. Thirteen years have passed since that date and we have had many more wonderful Christmas’. Our family has been added to four more times and we are very blessed. Still, there is nothing like that very first Christmas!

Thank you so much to all of our Graco Nation members who contributed their stories to this blog post. We wish you all a Happy, Happy Holiday and may you create many more memories this year and the years to come!

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