Ahh…the annual company Holiday Party

So much has changed in the last few years. As Jon mentioned is his recent post, we have moved from a cafeteria, to a Showroom, to an actual off-site location. Although I am sure the on-site venues were more convenient for everyone; we have simply outgrown the space we have on-site. (I have to admit that the clean-up committee-yours truly, et al-appreciates the fact that when we are finished this year, we can all get up and walk out the door at the same time…no trash bags in hand!)

Like many other companies, there were discussions about canceling the party this year, but we didn’t. Some traditions are just too important to toss out the window when the going gets tough. I hope that the members of this Graco family truly enjoy the time we get to spend together. I have read numerous blog entries where people write that they hate company holiday parties and feel obligated to “make an appearance”. I can only hope that none of the employees here at Graco feel that way-I know I don’t.

So, the 2008 Graco Children’s Products Holiday Luncheon has come and gone…fun was had by all (I think). And everyone walked away with visions of treadmills (or some form of “work off lunch” exercise) dancing in their heads. Although I didn’t get a final count, I believe we had somewhere around 200 employees, a handful of spouses, 85 children (ranging in age from one to sixteen) and Mike the Magnificent.

Did I mention Mike the Magnificent? I should mention that he strolled around during lunch performing magic tricks and making balloon animals for the kids (and hats for some of the adults). After lunch he put on a great 45-minute magic show for the kiddos complete with live bunnies! What a good time. I think the kids (in all of us) really enjoyed his involvement in the day.

We listened to holiday music and raffled off prizes, gave out gifts to the children and gift bags to the employees (stuffed, of course, with products from our other Newell Rubbermaid brands). And yes, Jon did get another Rubbermaid container…

So, I hope Jon didn’t have his heart set on shoofly pie or ring bologna…we went a little more conservative on the menu selection. Hey, Jon…were they still “good eats?”

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