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She Has Your Eyes!

Have you ever seen those tools that blend your facial features with your husband’s to show you what your children will look like? Isn’t it funny…but at the same time oddly curious? You can count the minutes after a baby is born before someone says; “who does he look like?”, “she has your eyes”. It’s [...]

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The Pregnant Night Owl (How I miss my sleep!!)

As a pregnant woman, I frequently get asked the question, “how are you feeling?” I usually respond with “I feel great!” Having my first pregnancy to compare it to, I reallydo feel great. I am not any more tired than I was when I was pregnant with PP. I had some complications with my first [...]

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[The making of the] Graco Catalog/Registry Guide

Looking for a catalog? Order one here. This is a guest post by Kelley Maxfield who is our Associate Direct Marketing Manager or Manager of California Photoshoots, as it were. She’s going to give us a glimpse into what really goes on behind the scenes at our yearly photo shoot… Let me tell you about [...]

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The Happy Bus

Jon writes our “When a Toddler Turns Teen” posts here on the blog because believe it or not, your adorable bundle of joy will grow up…. Were we that unusual? I don’t think so. My wife and I talked and talked while the bun was in the oven, “It’ll be great to sit and do [...]

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Wondrous Wednesday #65

Tummy time with the cousins! My niece, D, discovers Baby’s hand while Jed wonders what the blanket is going to taste like. Every Wednesday we’ll be sharing a photo showing off a little bit of wonder in the lives of our extended Graco family of customers.

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Pregnancy Brain – When forgetting reminds you to give

They say that pregnancy can make you forgetful. I didn’t believe it until I left my wallet at the airline counter after check in. Luckily, I found it right where I left it.  Next, my car ran out of gas and unfortunately blocked rush hour traffic. I was embarrassed and mortified but luckily a very [...]

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Facebook Isn’t So Scary Afterall

I finally did it. I succumbed to peer pressure- I joined Facebook. Despite cries from friends and the buzz about the office, I resisted for months. And now even Graco is on Facebook, if you’re a member of the site you can become a Fan of Graco here or by clicking through the Facebook button [...]

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Road Trip Travel Tips

From what I gather through reading parenting blogs, traveling with small children is not the easiest thing to do. Before portable DVD players and travel Magna Doodles, what in the world did parents do to keep their children occupied during long road trips? I remember a few ways… My Mom used the old “Sugar Daddy” [...]

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Nursery Decorating Tips from Celebrity Mom Leslie Segrete

Remember back in September when Leslie Segrete was kind enough to share some of her motherhood experiences and thoughts on parenting? Well, now she is back to lend some knowledge in her supreme area of expertise! Leslie has put together 5 of the most important tips you should consider when designing your nursery. Take a look [...]

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Wondrous Wednesday #64

Every Wednesday for months, Erin has been sharing some of our favorite Wondrous kid pictures here on the blog. I thought it was time to share a Wondrous photo of Erin. Here’s a picture of Erin, and her new husband Packy, sealing the deal (getting married!) this past Saturday! The wedding was beautiful and fit [...]

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