Facebook Isn’t So Scary Afterall

I finally did it. I succumbed to peer pressure- I joined Facebook. Despite cries from friends and the buzz about the office, I resisted for months. And now even Graco is on Facebook, if you’re a member of the site you can become a Fan of Graco here or by clicking through the Facebook button in the sidebar of the blog.

The way I saw it, it was one more thing for me to join and then never update. My fear wasn’t unfounded — just ask my LinkedIn friends whose invites I left unanswered for about 6 months.  I also figured that I keep up with most of my friends anyway — although that could be argued (by my friends who I haven’t call back since Halloween).

Anyway, my excuses and fears kept me from keeping pace with the digital world (yeah, like this is the ONLY thing keeping me from being tech savvy :-) )

Then it happened. Persistence from Monica (a self confessed fb addict) and Melissa (my high school friend who pushed me to join half the clubs in school too) finally got me to join. Of course they were smart and nagged my husband instead of me. He ended up setting up my account for me (is that what it’s called on fb?) when he got tired of listening to my excuses on why I hadn’t joined yet.

After mustering up my courage, I ventured on — totally expecting to check it out, find some friends and then abandon it with scores of unanswered friend requests, alerts, notes & wall-to-walls, but to my surprise it wasn’t so scary.  Maybe a bit confusing, (trust me.  I’m super low tech) but not scary.  I found some friends,  updated my status- “watching my plants die” (there’s nothing else to do in our computer room) and even uploaded a few pics.  Success!

fb-page Then came the next day.  Yikes!  I checked out my email only to find the screen filled with fb updates.  On no!  My fears were true!  I was seriously behind after just one day!  But I decided not to run away and put my head in the sand (like I have on LinkedIn) and tackled fb head on.

I logged on again and officially got sucked in!  I found more friends from all areas of my life and about 4 hours later (no joke), I reluctantly logged off (realizing I was breaking my resolution to get more sleep. . . again).

Now that it’s been about a month, I can definitely say that I have a problem.  Not the one I expected though.  Instead, I’m keeping up with fb too much.  It’s utterly addictive and I’m not quite sure why.  Really.  Do I need to know that my brother likes his new glasses or that a friend is cooking dinner?  I did fine not knowing this before but now I MUST tell everyone that I survived an encounter with annoying sales people.  And I can tell I’m going to waste many more sleepless hours scanning in old pics and tagging the people in them (after I spend tons of time figuring out how to do this, of course).

I guess it’s just fun to connect and see what everyone’s up to.  Somehow, seeing other people’s ordinary evenings makes my ordinary evening seem a little more enjoyable (plus, it’s a nice distraction from listening to my little Boog scream that he doesn’t want to go to bed.) Me neither- I’m going to do this all night…

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5 Responses to “Facebook Isn’t So Scary Afterall”

  1. Rebecca March 24, 2009 at 10:16 am #

    I love Facebook too and Twitter. They are my not-so-secret affairs :)

  2. Stephanie March 24, 2009 at 2:01 pm #

    I’ve had a Facebook account for years, but only recently began to really utilize it. I have to admit: I actually kind of like it.

    The one thing I haven’t figured out is which friend requests I should accept. For most people, it seems like the “goal” is to get as many friends as possible. But I prefer to be “choosy” about my friends. I think…

  3. Monica Filyaw March 25, 2009 at 9:51 pm #

    I resemble that friend you haven’t called since Halloween, but at least I know what you did last night LOL. I love FB. I’m still addicted, but I only keep a couple of apps updated. I don’t add all new apps now. I’ve learned to ignore and not get sucked in so much. I love hearing about my little one’s day. Her teacher is on facebook and if she does something extra cute I know all about it! How did I survive before fb??!!

  4. Jennifer Y. March 27, 2009 at 7:49 am #

    HAHAHA! Love your gmail screen capture! Love my FB. I feel like it’s easier to keep up with friends I don’t see often. And, to find friends I’ve lost touch wtih. It is totally addicting, though. As if I need another computer adddiction. (Oh yeah, thanks for introducing me to Twitter–addicted to that now too.)

  5. Nell @ Casual Friday Every Day April 4, 2009 at 3:52 pm #

    I really do like facebook. I like it more than twitter now.