Pregnancy Brain – When forgetting reminds you to give

forgetfulThey say that pregnancy can make you forgetful. I didn’t believe it until I left my wallet at the airline counter after check in. Luckily, I found it right where I left it.  Next, my car ran out of gas and unfortunately blocked rush hour traffic. I was embarrassed and mortified but luckily a very nice couple pulled over and ran across an opposite lane of busy traffic to push me out of the way until my husband could come. I was so appreciative! I verbally expressed it over and over again, but I felt my words were not enough. I wanted to jump out of the car and hug them! (Weird since they were strangers) I just wanted them to know that their act of kindness really touched me.

So this made me think about how my son is going to be a part of this world and how I want Tyson to live a life of “Paying it Forward.” [Remember the movie “Pay it Forward”? In the movie, a young boy conjures the notion of paying a favor forward, rather then back--repaying good deeds not to the person who helped you, but instead, doing good deeds to three new people]

Well, I must set an example for Tyson and what better time to start than now? Now, I look out for opportunities to pay it forward. For starters, I lent a stranger train fare one day on my commute home. Two more good deeds to go! I look forward to teaching Tyson why helping and giving to others can be one of the best things in life.

Do you live by “pay it forward?” Have you ever witnessed your child doing the same?

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