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Baby’s Gender-To find out or not to find out, that is the question

No- I’m not in the middle of mulling this question over (I’m NOT pregnant Mom) but after reading Melissa’s post and waiting on edge to find out if PP was having a little brother or sister, I wanted to share my perspective on deciding about whether or not to find out the sex of a [...]

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Great Children’s Bedtime Books

There is nothing like a good book! Bear, Love Bug and I have a nighttime ritual that I absolutely love and look forward too…“snuggle in and read”. I’m sure many of us share this same routine before bedtime. It’s amazing as a mom, my strong desire for a GREAT children’s book. How many of us [...]

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The *NEW* Graco Blossom 4-in-1 Seating System!

We are very excited to tell you about the new Graco® Blossom™ 4-in-1 Seating System! This seating systemconverts from highchair to infant feeding booster to toddler booster to youth chair. The chair’s multiple uses helps it easily adapt to your growing child’s needs…from infant…to toddler…to youth. For me and my needs as a mom, the [...]

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Guest Celebrity Blogger – John Michael Higgins

You may remember him as Jennifer Aniston’s eccentic brother in The Break-Up or you may have caught him in Yes Man or Fed Clause – John Micheal Higgins that is! Through conversations with one of John’s reps, I discovered that he is a huge fan of Graco. In fact, most recently Mr. Higgins was seen [...]

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Wondrous Wednesday #63

Well, it has been a long 20 weeks waiting to find out what I’m having. I have been so certain that I was having a little boy. The signs were there–different pregnancy, low heart rate, only morning sickness for a few weeks, eating meat & carbs, carrying low, indigestion- you name it. Even PP thought [...]

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Peer Pressure…in pre-school?

While I’m pretty accustomed to debating and compromising with Punkin’ Bear each morning as we decide which outfit she’s going to wear to school,  I recently noticed that it was getting to be more frequent and with much more fervor than before. I chalked it up to a growing need on her part to establish independence (I mean, after all she [...]

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Shhhhh…Everyone is sleeping.

That’s right! Wahoo! Everyone is sleeping soundly in the Hartzell household. But now the biggest question remains…WHERE is everyone sleeping? I have good news all around. Jed is sleeping in nice 4-5 hour chunks in his bassinet, which means Mommy and Daddy are sleeping well, and the biggest news of all…Baby has been successfully transitioned [...]

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Graco sweetpeace-Soothe your baby just like you do!

We’ve heard it referred to as the ‘Lexus of Baby Swings’, however, Graco calls it sweetpeace Newborn Soothing Center- the world’s only newborn soothing center! Sweetpeace has been all the buzz over the web. Check out some of the other “pet names” and reviews on this fabulous product! – Rolls Royce of baby swings – [...]

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When Birthdays Don’t Go As Planned (and it’s still OK)

This was the first year that Boog “got” the concept of his birthday. And, in fact, he started talking about it 3 months before the big day. Typically, if he heard we were having a party or going to a party his face would completely light up and he would ask “A Party? My birthday [...]

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Wondrous Wednesday #62

Kim created the cutest video of her daughter Bear sledding for the first time. Enjoy!    Every Wednesday we’ll be sharing a photo showing off a little bit of wonder in the lives of our extended Graco family of customers.

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