(Not So) Picture Perfect Sisters

april-blog_pic-2I have one wish as a mother of two: a picture of my girls together and smiling. Well and that they grow up to be happy and healthy. And that they always live life to the fullest. And perhaps two consecutive nights with 7 hours of sleep would be nice, too. Okay, so maybe I have quite a few wishes as a mom, but the most recent focus of my desires has been the picture.

Being almost 4 years and 10 months old, they’re at such a precious age where they’re really building a beautiful bond together. They “play,” giggle and genuinely enjoy each other. I know this for a fact because Punkin’ Bear asks almost daily “Mommy, can we keep her?” followed by, “She’s just SOOOOO cute!” Maybe it’s because I didn’t have a sister growing up (don’t get me wrong, I love my brothers but that’s a different kind of special relationship!) or maybe it’s because I’m sure there will be a point – even if only for a little while—that the girls may not get along like the 2 peas in a pod they are now. But regardless, I want to capture the special connection that I can already see forming between them so that they can look back over the years and see the history that led up to the relationship they’ll inevitably have when they’re older.

april-blog_pic-11So why, then, is this a “wish,” right? From the looks of all the amazing pictures I see you all posting on your blogs and Facebook pages, it appears that this elusive picture I seek should indeed be possible. Yet, for some reason it just doesn’t seem to work out for me for numerous reasons. If Punkin’ Bear is happy and smiling, than LadyBug is too distracted by her big sister to look at the camera. Or if LadyBug is looking at the camera smiling, Bear is “feeling shy” and doesn’t want to look into the camera. At one point, feeling truly determined to make this happen, I decided to put my faith in the professionals and took the girls to a photography studio. I was certain that if I couldn’t do it, they could. With visions of sugarplums and candy canes dancing in my head, I bought the girls matching outfits (not an easy feat, by the way, to find a matching infant outfit and a girls size 6 for Bear — who for being less than a month away from turning 4 is, well, taller than the average bear should I say). But, on the big day, poor little LadyBug was on the tail end of a head cold so despite my best planning effort and a lot of help from our handy nasal aspirator (an absolute must have if you’ve had as many colds we have in Bug’s first ten months of life!), poor little Bug just wasn’t her happy and smiley self and thus the picture session didn’t quite turn out the way I had envisioned.

After that, I changed my plan of attack. My new approach was to take pictures constantly thinking I was bound to catch one image that caught both girls looking happily into the camera. It was only after I was going through these pictures recently that I had this profound moment of enlightenment. I realized that what makes Bear and LadyBug’s relationship so wonderful isn’t whether they’re able to pose together –it’s that they’re connecting, sharing, interacting, and enjoying each other. That by not posing together, I was actually capturing their relationship and in fact truly documenting their first moments as sisters and as friends in their purest spirit. So, I’ve lightened up a bit on trying to capture the “perfect” picture, and am happy to capture many of their moments together to share with them later. But of course, I wouldn’t be displeased if I managed to get a picture with four eyes and two smiles facing the camera!

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2 Responses to “(Not So) Picture Perfect Sisters”

  1. Kristen April 20, 2009 at 5:24 pm #

    Ok so I’m sure I will be there sometime in the near future with attempting to get pictures of my 2 little boys (#2 is due in June). But since I can’t comment on “that” right now, intead, I will say that I LOVE that nasal aspirator! hahaha Probably not the comment you expected, but that’s why I love you guys, keep life real.

  2. BananaBlueberry April 20, 2009 at 7:42 pm #

    The candids are great :)

    I took my son at his most impossible phase to a photog that was excellent- specializing in kids- it was expensive, but not THAT expensive and the pics ARE PRICELESS!

    Also- I’ve learned the trick to let them have toys/stuffed animals when taking pictures and this distracts them, gets them smiling and you can get remarkably good pictures (Color- coordinate the stuffed animals a little and you will be amazed- they’ll almost become props :)

    anyway- I’m not a professional by any means- but puppets work well too (seriously :)

    As you can tell- I take A LOT of pictures :)

    Good luck :)