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I thought I’d turn the blog over to Kelley again because I was fascinated by our last conversation- she was telling me all about her latest family vacation and it occurred to me that maybe you’re never too old to vacation together as a family. This gave me some hope to know if I establish this kind of vaca-family-love with my little ones, we can grow and vacation together forever! (or at least until they have their own vacations and I’m simply the grandma invited to pay for everything!)

The GOOD – chartering a fishing boat off Florida coast and actually catching fish. The BAD – 18 foot Christmas tree falling down and breaking Dad’s arm (6 months in a “L” shaped cast, yikes!)  And the UGLY – both my older sister and I catching the Chicken Pox mid-vaca at Disney World 1985.

As a kid most of my family’s vacations were week-long trips to Disney World. Check out how fashionable my older sister and I were in our matching red sweatsuits and sweet shades. What is it with parents dressing their kids in matching outfits? A few years later, my little sister joins the family and another road trip (yes we drove) back to our favorite destination. I can’t tell what’s more embarrassing – the fanny pack, yellow socks, or backwards Mickey baseball cap. Then again I think I could fit enough Fig Newtons in that thing to survive for a week! 


Now that everyone’s all grown up and on their own, it’s a challenge to plan a formal family vacation – so we just meet up any time we can, even if it’s just a one-night holiday dinner or a short weekend reunion. The trick is just keeping it simple.

We’ve even started a fishing tradition. For the past three years we’ve chartered a boat from the Sea Leveler in Port Canaveral, Florida. It’s a 30” boat, has a little tiny head (a.k.a. bathroom – use very carefully), main cooler in the center (good to hold onto when the waves pick up), and seating. We bring food & drinks, head out for 9 hours and have a great time. (minus the few who get sea sick) Check out some of those fish! The pretty green and gold fish with the big head is a Mahi Mahi. The silver/amber colored fish with the strip running along its body is an Amberjack – heavy and strong – talk about sore arms afterwards. And after two dud years of shark fishing, my dad finally caught one!

As the weather gets warmer and vacation season kicks off – enjoy your family – the good, the bad and the ugly- no matter which one you have. you’ll always have the memories!

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