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My Last Pregnancy???

As my pregnancy is coming to an end (6 more weeks to go!), it has been making me wonder if this is the last time that I will ever experience all of this: the baby kicking, moving, flipping… My pregnancy with PP was complicated. There were concerns about placenta previa, low amniotic fluid and finally (and the [...]

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Graco’s in Atlanta! Today is move-in day.

You may recall our announcement several months ago that we would be taking another step in our 52 year journey. Well, we have taken that step. Today marks the beginning of a new chapter- our first day in Atlanta, Georgia, our new headquarters for Graco and Baby & Parenting Essentials. Already we have been welcomed [...]

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What do you think of Graco’s Social Media Program? Take Our Survey!

Yeah! A survey! I’m sure that was your reaction when you saw this blog post title but hey, every once in a while we have to check in on things.  Our social media program is built on relationships with you, our consumer. This survey is intended to better understand who you are and see what you think [...]

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Relocating with children, no problem

As some of you may already know, I am one of many Graco employees who have accepted an offer to relocate to Atlanta. I was immediately excited about the possibility of a move outside the state I have lived in since I was two years old. Then it hit me. How will this affect my [...]

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Wondrous Wednesday #78

This is my friend Tara’s adorable little boy “Buster.”  Tara and I sat together at a wedding this past weekend and I couldn’t stop looking at pictures of “Buster” – he is just too cute. (Of course the bride was breathtakingly beautiful, but we all know I have a massive slight obsession with babies these days!) [...]

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Grandmother Names-What should mine be?

It didn’t occur to me that I would have to pick a new name for myself, but one of the first questions everyone asks me when they learn of my impending granddaughter’s birth is “Do you know what you want to be called?” My first reaction is to let her name me. Shouldn’t that be [...]

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Philly Moms Blog Launch Party

This past Thursday, Graco had the privilege (seriously it was!) of sponsoring the Philly Moms Blog launch party. Although the torrential downpours kept some partygoers away, most braved the intense humidity (that explains my hair in the pictures!) and I-76 to attend one heck of a party. I am happy to have added these fabulous [...]

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Happy Father’s Day from Graco

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What I miss while I’m at work

My poor husband. Every evening when we sit down for dinner, I grill him on the happenings of the day. What did you guys do all day? Were the kids good? Did you go anywhere? Did they take naps? Did you lose your mind? You know- the typical questions. I often get bummed that I [...]

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Wondrous Wednesday #77

This is Graco’s Senior Graphic Designer, Kristie Weik’s daughter “Toodles.” A “fishtail” of a journey…  begins when “Toodles” asked for a fishing rod so she and daddy could go catch fish. She proudly displays her Barbie fishing rod, a tackle box filled with bread and finishes the adventure by reeling in her very first catch [...]

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