Checking out the Maternity Ward at the Hospital

hospitalAs a second time mom, you typically skip the steps of baby gear information gathering, attending labor classess, reading every book available, etc. But, since I just moved to Georgia & will be delivering in a new hospital, I really wanted to visit the hospital where I would be having my little lady. Talking to other moms around work, I have heard that this hospital is “Baby Land General” and that they have likely seen it all & done it all there so I was really excited to check this place out.

What was really cool about the tour is that you can sign up at various times- on the weekends, during the weekdays, and at even at night- lots of different options.  They even offer “family tours” where you can bring your other kids to check the hospital out too. To me that was a big relief since I don’t have the “free” babysitting from my family I had back in PA. I signed up online & was sent a welcome letter with instructions on where to go, where to park & a map of the center. It seemed very thought through—they even had a “warning” that the tour will be a 50-minute walking tour so bring comfortable walking shoes. (that would be my all-purpose J.Crew flip flops—very supportive!)

When we arrived there, we were amazed at how nice the Women’s Center wing was—two different boutiquey gift shops, Starbucks, and plenty of seating on the ground floor. They showed us where to labor drop off was & where (the fathers!) should park afterward. They pointed out to the dads the corridor that leads to the 21 hour-a-day McDonalds’ (my big fear is that I will deliver during the 3 hours that it is closed & have to recover while famished from labor!!). And each floor offered something different: some were for labor & delivery, others were the family rooms which were basically recovery rooms & certain floors were for special needs/high risk babies. The labor & delivery rooms were nice & big with flat screen TVs, DVD/CD players & temperature control (which my husband was super excited about since he gets hot and starts sweating at 72 degrees!)

Throughout the tour, we would stop & the tour guide would ask if we had any questions. My 3-year-old, Pudding Pop, raised her hand. PP asked where the baby would go since the baby is still in her mommy’s belly. Of course, everyone started laughing since she had a legitimate question (well, legitimate for a 3-year-old). The guide told her that once the baby comes out of mommy’s belly then it would go into the baby crib and stay close to mommy. PP nodded her head & said Ok. It was so funny because PP and I were the only ones even asking questions on the tour!

After we toured the two different rooms, we went to the nursery which I think was everyone’s favorite part. PP got so excited to see the little babies & she remarked “how cute!” they all were. I was happy to see her so excited to be around babies (since that has been a worry of mine). The tour ended back downstairs with instructions on the discharge policy. PP held out pretty well for the hour (and so did I) so we rewarded her with a trip to the pool afterward. :)

If you’re a first time expectant, I do recommend taking the tour- it sets your mind at ease even just a little bit which helps when there’s already so much on your mind! And if you’re like me and headed to a different hospital for baby 2 or 3 or 4- I still recommend it. I’m glad I got to see “Baby Land General!”

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2 Responses to “Checking out the Maternity Ward at the Hospital”

  1. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls July 13, 2009 at 11:50 am #

    We did the tour when we went through childbirth classes when I was pregnant with my first, and it really helped to be able to see the room and know a little of what to expect. When I had my third, we also did a ‘sibling’ class which we took our older girls to, and they got to tour the hospital. I do think it helped them not feel as intimidated when they came to visit me and her their little sister. And it helped me too since it was a different hospital that I hadn’t seen before either. :)

  2. Rachel July 13, 2009 at 8:24 pm #

    Northside hospital is awesome! I just had my first baby there this past December & everything went so smoothly. Good luck with your baby & in your new home in Atlanta.