An Interview with a First Time Expectant Mom

winefest-2009-009In the past I have interviewed celebrities that are fans of Graco to get the inside track about their parenting experiences. Well, lately I have been very curious about what it is like to be pregnant, so I decide to conduct my next interview with a first time expectant mom! My friend Stephanie and proud member of Graco Nation graciously agreed to let me interview her.  I am thrilled to introduce Stephanie, here to share her first time pregnancy experience with you!

How/when did you find out you were pregnant?
I found out on Valentine’s day. I was two days late so I took a test…OK, I took 3 tests and all came out positive!!

Were you surprised, or kind of expecting it?
I was in total shock. Even though my husband Rob and I had the attitude of “whatever happens…happens” it was only the second month & I was amazed that I got pregnant so quickly. I remember my heart beating so fast and I looked at myself in the mirror and said “I am pregnant; I am going to be a mom!!!”

How did you tell your husband and what was his reaction? How did you tell your family?
When I took the pregnancy tests Rob was not home. We had Valentine’s plans that evening; we were going to go to our favorite restaurant. I thought all afternoon how I would break the news to Rob. I was excited but also nervous of his reaction, I wanted him to be as excited as I was. So I decided to pour two glasses of champagne to toast before we left (little did he know he would have to drink both!) I got him a really nice card and wrote him a message telling him how much I love him and at the end wrote “p.s. I’m pregnant!!” I recall watching his expression while he read the card and then his face changed when he got to those last two words … he looked completely shocked and said “are you serious?!” we hugged, kissed, and of course I cried. It was a magical moment I will remember forever.

We told our parents about a week later which allowed the news to sink in a bit for us. Since it was still so early we only told immediate family until I had a chance to go to the doctors and he determined everything was OK. Telling our parents was wonderful. We have three sets and we wanted to tell them all the news in person, so it was a busy but really fun weekend. All of our parents were so excited! Rob and I are both the youngest children in our family, and I think that our parents all felt this sense of nostalgia that their “babies” are having a baby.

Did you have any sickness through your first trimester?
Oh, yes!!! I felt very nauseous and got sick a lot, not daily but a few times per week. In addition to feeling sick, all I wanted to do was sleep. At any given time I felt like I could close my eyes and fall asleep within minutes.

(If yes) How did you deal with that at work without anyone knowing?
Luckily for the most part I got sick in the evenings (I often wondered why it is called morning sickness??!!). However there were times at work where I would smell something that would quickly evoke gags and sometimes I had to make a dash for the bathroom. Luckily no one picked up on it. I got a lot of “you look tired” remarks or “are you feeling OK?” in which I would blame on my allergies (a known issue I deal with throughout the year).

How was your first ultra sound experience?
It was amazing! I had no idea what to expect, but when I saw the baby on the screen, everything became so real. I saw it move and the heartbeat. It was so amazing! The technician told me the heartbeat and confirmed that it was measuring up perfectly based upon my due date. On the way home, I called Rob, my mom, and mother in law gushing about how adorable the baby is already!! I instantly felt a love for this baby that is growing inside of me and suddenly the nausea and tiredness that I have been feeling no longer mattered!

How did you feel the first time you heard that little heart beat?
The first time I heard the heartbeat was so exciting! I do recall it took a few minutes for the doctor to find it, which made me nervous at first, but when it was detected, that fast beat was like music to my ears! It instantly made this pregnancy feel so real!!

Do you know if you are having a boy or a girl?
We are having a little girl. I was so excited when we found out! All along, my gut feeling was that I was pregnant with a girl, but I would have been thrilled either way. When we got confirmation from the ultra sound tech, I just could not stop smiling. My husband looked to be a little shocked (he assumed it was a boy). But once this excitement and shock set in, we were both so happy to be having a healthy baby girl. I love that I can now refer to the baby as her or by her name (Sara Grace!!) and now I can decorate the nursery and pick out all sorts of adorable girlie things.

How do you feeling now?strong>
Currently (at 26 weeks) I am feeling great. I have a lot more energy and have come to embrace my pregnant belly. The baby is moving and kicking all throughout the day – I love this feeling. It makes me so happy and all I want to do is stop what I am doing and feel the kicks. Mentally, I am getting really excited and just want the next 3 months to go by really fast. Pre-pregnancy I would have never wished my summer away, however this year is much different – I just want to meet and hold my baby. At times I get stressed thinking will I have everything ready and get everything done before October that I need to do; but I know that it will all come together. I am just focusing on not getting stressed about things, everything will all fall into place. Really the only important thing is to have a healthy baby.

What are you most nervous about?
The thing that makes me the most nervous is once I have the baby, I won’t know what to do in certain situations. I am nervous about the first time the baby has a fever or gets sick. Will I know everything to do? I can’t promise that my mom, mother in law, sister in law, or friend who is a pediatric nurse won’t be getting phone calls in the middle of the night!

What are you most confused about, from a baby product standpoint?
I am confused about a lot of things! Pre-pregnancy I have to admit going into Babies ‘R Us to purchase a shower give was overwhelming. I would print the registry, take it to a salesperson and ask very politely to point me in the direction of the boppy, swing, or the bassinet. Now that I have perused Babies ‘R Us and am really taking notice of things, I am a bit overwhelmed by the amount of products that are out there! I want to make sure that I register for the basics and not go overboard with things that the baby will grow out of too fast or that don’t get used frequently. Of course in looking at everything I also want to be sure to check out consumer reports and read reviews to make sure that I am getting the safest products out there! I will also rely on relatives and friends for input and recommendations.

**Of course I tried to help Steph all I could when making selections for her registry, however, I didn’t even have the chance to recommend Graco! She had already picked out some great Graco items on her own. Check them out here, here and here.**

What are you most excited about?
I am the most excited to hold my baby for the first time and to look at Rob and think how we created this baby together! Everyone says there is nothing like the miracle of life, and I am so excited and eager to witness this. I am also excited to feel the overwhelming love between a mother and child that my mom has always talked about.

Thank you Stephanie, for your candidness and time! We looking forward to meeting Sara Grace this fall. :)

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4 Responses to “An Interview with a First Time Expectant Mom”

  1. Anne Duskin July 14, 2009 at 9:21 am #

    As someone who has known Steph for many many years, I want to tell everyone how excited I am to meet this new little one, seems like just yesterday that we were playing with your barbie dream house, and to think that in a few short months you will be a MOMMY!!! I am so excited and so happy for you and Rob… and your entire family. I can not wait to welcome little Sara Grace to our extended family!

  2. Grace McCord July 14, 2009 at 1:21 pm #

    This is my beautiful daughter-in-law. What a great interview. Stephanie, you have expressed yourself beautifully. We are all so excited to meet Sara Grace and to see you and Rob as parents. You are both going to be great. The love you share for eachother is a beautiful thing to see, and the two of you will extend that love to your little Sara. She certainly will get her share of spoiling by your friends and family alike.

  3. Stephanie July 14, 2009 at 3:58 pm #

    Congrats to you, Stephanie! Motherhood is marvelous. You’re going to love it.

    P.S. Sara Grace is a lovely name.

  4. Casual Friday Every Day July 28, 2009 at 1:51 pm #

    Awww, congrats to the new Mommy-to-be!