Backyard (or living room) Campout

campingThis May our family had big plans to camp outside for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life but the weather didn’t cooperate so we were left with soggy camping gear and two disappointed kids.  We had been waiting for our next opportunity to camp out and that opportunity came last week.

We actually didn’t plan too much – in our minds it was going to be as simple as putting a tent up outside and sleeping in it! Well it turned into a bigger deal when we invited the neighbor’s children to join in the fun thus turning into a little camping party! That’s of course, until the rain clouds rolled in…  Determined not to be put out by a very wet and windy but passing storm,  we moved the [still] happy campers inside and here are some of the things we did together:

camping21. We sang campfire songs. OK- not really, but we did listen to music. My husband broke out his acoustic guitar and played music for everyone. (he’s been known to do that at every opportunity) Though he didn’t play the typical campfire songs, he did take requests and encouraged dancing and singing along.

2. We made S’mores. Of course we did! We didn’t have a campfire but that didn’t stop us- we fired up the grill on the back deck and one of the brave (and wet) dads made smores for each of the kids to enjoy.

3. We told ghost stories. This was a really fun activity. We let the kids tell their own and it’s really funny listening to them make up them up.  It’s actually kind of insightful to know what they deem to be “scary” too.  (apparently one of the ladies who lives next door!)

4. We made shadow puppets. Since the ghost stories didn’t go over too well with the youngest set (we had some tent defectors), we moved along to a lighter activity- shadow puppets!  And what’s camping without internet access?! We watched some great YouTube videos about shadow puppets and we looked up how to make some new puppets. (since honestly I didn’t have a large arsenal of puppets to choose from) Here are some great videos & resources to make your own!

5. We star-gazed. As the clouds rolled out & the night cleared, we dragged our telescope out of the basement to look at some stars. This was a little difficult for the little ones but the adults enjoyed it!

Even though we ended up in the living room in our tents, it was such a fun night that we’ll totally do again. Maybe this time it won’t RAIN!

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One Response to “Backyard (or living room) Campout”

  1. Casual Friday Every Day July 28, 2009 at 2:03 pm #

    What a fantastic night! My son was watching Oswald and they had a camp out indoors and he asked me to do one, too.

    I remember when I was a child, too, and I’d throw sheets over furniture and have a “camp out” with my brother.

    Fun stuff!