I was hopping around on some of my favorite blogs and found that is playing a fun game where readers submit 5 of their own “Mom-finitions.”  As parents, we all know how easy it becomes to invent new words and that we have a tendency to come up with our own funny sayings, original names for everyday things, and just some plain old made up words – like…

[dahy-per-GAWM-ee] noun: That secret parenting fold that turns a nasty diaper into a tidy package ready for the trash.
(I love that one!)

Visiting the site was so much fun, I decided to jump onto the playground and extend the idea to our blog  so I’m throwing out a few of my own.  Here are some of mine:

are-we-there-yet1Inabowdenaur – the answer to how long it takes to get there or to any question inquiring about when/how long. Use it consistently and they give up asking after a while.

mama-logue Mama-logue – one of those ranting lectures that seem to need repeated reciting.

eggsDunk Dunks – over easy fried eggs – some families call them “dippy” eggs.
Piggies – not your toes or fingers, but toast sliced into 4-6 thin rectangular pieces – A must have for dunking into Dunk Dunks above.

remember-to-bring-your-lunchAll the L’s” — short and sweet summary for use when racing out the door to give all reminders at once. Stands for:
Let the dog out
Lunch- grab it
Lock the door
Lights out
Love You Lots

( has actually turned this into a contest, but the contest portion is over this Wednesday, July 22. Of course, the submissions will be out there for viewing….)

Share some of your own, we’d love to hear your neologisms!

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2 Responses to “Mom-finitions”

  1. icefairy July 21, 2009 at 2:04 am #

    Thanks for sharing your momfinitions. Cute pictures. My favorite is Mama-logue. I’d love to know what you think of mine. Thanks!

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