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new-monthlynod_150x150Lindsay Lebresco - Break Out the Kleenex, It’s the BlogHer 09′ Community KeynoteBlogHer
So if you were here earlier this week perhaps you heard read me go on and on about the BlogHer Community Keynote.  Guess what? I’m going to do it again. This time I’m going to Nod all the keynoters because I would be doing my readers a disservice by not pointing these amazing people/bloggers/posts out to you. You won’t be able to read all the posts in one click but I suggest you bookmark the post and read one keynote post each night before bed and you will have 3 weeks full of great goodnight stories for yourself (if you don’t fall asleep during the kids’ storytime, that is)

Donna DonnellyWhen Vacation Means Visiting Grandparents Far AwayThe Juggle/WSJ
I feel for the parents and grandparents that must come to terms with their living situations and relationships changing in this mobile society of ours, not to mention the children who have little say in the matter. So many of us at Graco are in the midst of relocating to a new corporate office in Atlanta and are facing the immediate struggle of coping with the myriad issues of relocating, moving away from roots and developing new ways of juggling their vacation time, budgets and keeping those important grandparent relationships vital. Children grow so fast and grandparents leave us too soon as it is in life. Living far away poses new family dynamics and hard decisions. Often grandparents are an important stabilizing force in a child’s life, as well as, a support system to the parents. Once removed by distance, that support system can be sacrificed, the relationship strained and much more stress put on the parents. There sets in a huge void for all concerned. My heart goes out to all of those who must negotiate this long distance relationship. The good news is that technology is on our side and we can now connect in ways we never could before – webcams, twitter, cell phones, texting and so on, but of course, nothing can replace sitting on Pop Pop’s lap eating oranges. This blog exposes those feelings so well and created quite the conversation – very timely and emotionally charged topic.

Amy Trice - Maybe these infants aren’t so fragileDorky Dad
Dorky Dad’s post hit home this month. We’ve all had those moments calling the pediatrician’s office and feeling like a, well, dork after hanging up. After finding a deer tick on Slick’s leg, I called the pediatrician to find out the incubation period of Lyme Disease. She gave me some helpful information in a “why didn’t look on WebMd like everyone else” voice tone. Although, it does make me laugh that the nurse wanted to know if I removed the tick. Um, yes. Are there really parents that call the pediatrician to have ticks removed?

Melissa Parlaman - When Pregnancy Cravings Drives your Family and Friends a Little BonkersDays Like These
My husband thinks I drive him nuts (during pregnancy & after). I have been trying to be good with not making him run out & get me “special food requests” on his way home from work during this pregnancy (I have to admit, I think I was really guilty of this one with pregnancy #1). I think I have been good this time?? I am glad to see other people lean on their spouse during that special time of prego cravings too!

David GoldblattIs it OK for Kids to Quit Sports? - From the Hip
I like this one. I have watched my son twirl like an airplane on the field with his lacrosse stick and put his baseball glove on his head while he looked through the sand in the infield for ants. Figuring out when to push, when the timing is right and when there is a genuine interest is the art of parenting kids through sports.

Heidi ParkerGetting Ready for BabyA Mom’s Fresh Start
I love this post because as I begin my list of wants and needs for Itsy Bitsy Parker, I wonder if I will really have everything I need. Though I might be covered on the baby gear end, there is so much more that is needed to care for baby. The baby registry is an important part of the process and I love Phillipa’s post because she gives a great comprehensive list (by category) of everything you could need for baby in the first year. I will definitely take this into consideration when I start my registry.

Karen HartzellMr. Unlocking The Dead Visits Our Hood’The Burgh Baby
I’d like to give my nod this month to I am right there with Alexis’ mom with the whole moving to a new house, trading non-essential organs for new kitchen appliances, and even new neighbors (with and without kids). However, I have not locked myself out of said new house yet. This post made me laugh, sympathize and crave ice cream all at the same time Definitely a new blog addition to my Google reader this month.

Kim Lefko - Jack Welch said there is no such thing as work-life balance and I agreeWork-it Mom
The Work It Mom Blog has been inspiring and way too relevant recently. I read the article on “There is No Such Thing as Work-Life Balance” and I agree that it’s more about trade-offs. After reading Jack Welch’s comments, I was grateful that I work at an extremely Family Friendly company.

Amy SleepLessons from my GrandmotherSilicon Valley Moms Blog
This post really struck a cord with me. Partially because I tend to be messy (I don’t want to waste time cleaning when I could be playing with my kids) and partially because I’m always hoping that accepting messiness for time with the kids is OK (I can also feel a bit inadequate vs. my grandmother and even friends who seem to have it together). So this blog helped me realize that 1) I’m NOT alone in being messy and 2) it IS OK. THANK YOU!!!!! (I’m now going to go hang out with my kids and leave the dishes in the sink!)

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  1. Cat @ 3 Kids and Us August 3, 2009 at 6:07 pm #

    I always love seeing these. I’ll definitely stop by them tonight after the kids are in bed!

  2. Burgh Baby August 4, 2009 at 9:54 am #

    Thanks for the nod!