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Wondrous Wednesday #91

Cannot. Resist. Fountain. Even if the water is freeeeeezing! This is David Richardson’s (Sr. Forecast Analyst, Calphalon) precious 3 year old daughter, “Noee”, having a great time playing in the water. Then again, what kid doesn’t like to play in a fountain? Every Wednesday we’ll be sharing a photo showing off a little bit of [...]

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Ten Things I Learned From My First Babies “R” Us Experience

Yes, you heard correctly. I’m ashamed to admit it – I’ve never actually set foot in a Babies “R” Us. That is, until today. And what an eye-opening day it was. For my first day back from my wedding and honeymoon (more on that later!) I finally took my first trip to the land of [...]

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The Ghost of Baby Shower Past

This past weekend I was blessed enough to be able to fly back to PA for a girlfriend’s baby shower. My good friend K, is the last of my beach house sharing, weekend partying, close college friends to be having baby number one. The shower was beautiful, and of course she received one of my [...]

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That Was Deee-licious!

Yay! I finally did it! I finally got a “Yummy. That was Deeee-licious, Mommy!” in reference to a dinner I cooked. This was overly exciting for me since: 1.  I’m not a cook (although I have mastered hot dogs on the grill) 2.  I haven’t had to cook dinner in 2+ years (yay to hubby [...]

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A Purpose Driven Company

Our vision is to enrich every family’s journey, nurture & protect every child’s development. A vision is meant to be an aspiration, something we strive to do. It is extremely rewarding to work every day on a brand and business that has a heartfelt purpose, it’s even more rewarding when you share this same passion. [...]

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Wondrous Wednesday #90

Hey Moooooooom…how do I get to Facebook again? I want to join Graco’s fan page! Oh, and maybe order some pants too if you don’t mind. This is Tamar Gerstein’s (Senior Product Manager) daughter, “Boo” growing bigger everyday. Where does the time go? Every Wednesday we’ll be sharing a photo showing off a little bit [...]

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10 Things I Wish I Had Done When My Kids Were Still Little

Now that my three girls have all flown the nest and Bunny just gave birth to her own little bundle, I think quite often about their growing up days. Time has a way of passing by so quickly and the best laid plans fall by the wayside. We also get caught up in the throes [...]

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Top Baby Registry Picks

I now completely understand how new parents are completely overwhelmed at the site of walking into a store like Babies “R” Us, and immediately going into panic attack mode with the thought of, “where do I begin?!” and “what is this stuff, anyway?” Being so close to the industry and actually spending a majority of [...]

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Five Ways to Freak Out Your Fiance (When You’re Not Pregnant)

As you know, I’m just getting started at Graco and I’m learning everything there is to know about babies, baby products, pregnancy, you name it. As Mike and I just got married, I think that’s a big enough step for us right now So as I’m getting acclimated here, I’m pretty surprised he hasn’t run [...]

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Welcoming Families to Graco

As many of you know, Graco recently made a move to Atlanta. Everyone is starting to settle in, get used to the new building and getting their families acquainted with the area. Many have started school. As everyone is getting acclimated, we recently welcomed our new families with a little Graco fun. People gathered together for [...]

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