Graco Monthly Nods – August

new-monthlynod_150x1501Amy Trice - Goodbye BeachScary Mommy
My August Nod goes to Scary Mommy’s “Goodbye Beach” (inspired by Goodnight Moon). It is a sweet farewell to summer and summer vacation.

Heidi Parker - Nine Months to Life - Anti-Maternity Wear
I can absolutely relate to Sarah’s post here because I’m right at the point of my normal clothes becoming unbearable to wear. I have purchased 2 pair of pants (one jeans, one trousers) and don’t plan on purchasing any others. I, too, prefer a maxi dress over anything else, which is great because a majority of them can be worn both pre- and post-pregnancy. Stay tuned for a post on my maternity style.

Karen HartzellThe New Girl - Patterns
Being a recent transplant to Atlanta from the Philadelphia area, you might think I nominated her for her child’s sweet choice in sleepwear. However, it was this post, that reeled me in hook, line and sinker. I look forward to reading future posts sharing heartfelt memories of her own mother with her children, and seeing Grandma Karen become a strong presence in their household.

Chris FralishDude to DadMy Monday Morning
Seems like only yesterday I got the unexpected news from my wife, “Well, we’re gonna be parents.” Time has rapidly flown by and I’ve been blessed with 2 children ages 3 and 6. During these beginning years there are so many important firsts that we’ve photographed, written down, and tried to remember along the way. I love recounting all of the important firsts; however this week I was reminded of how precious those in-between moments are too. Thanks Dude to Dad for your awesome video of Mrs. Dude and Emmy just laughing and having fun in an “in-between” moment!

Kelly VoelkerMarriage Confessions - …And They (Sort of) Lived Happily Ever After
Along with all of the excitement of having a precious newborn added to the family, adjusting to how drastically your life changes once they arrive is also something parents everywhere have to deal with.  This post was a really honest look at how a baby can change your life, for better or for worse – but shows that it’s always worth it.

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