Five Ways to Freak Out Your Fiance (When You’re Not Pregnant)

baby1As you know, I’m just getting started at Graco and I’m learning everything there is to know about babies, baby products, pregnancy, you name it. As Mike and I just got married, I think that’s a big enough step for us right now :)

So as I’m getting acclimated here, I’m pretty surprised he hasn’t run for the hills. Yet.

Would you like to freak out your fiancé (or new husband)? Here are a few things I’ve tried:

1. Create a baby registry. Travel system? Check. Snug Ride? Check. Panic attack? Check.
2. Bring home a stack of all of the best baby magazines. (What do you mean why am I reading about breast feeding?!)
3. Awkwardly lean around him whenever a parent walks by to catch a glimpse of what stroller brand they are using. (Sorry, just a little crick in my neck…)
4. Criticize people in other cars while driving (That baby is WAY too young to be forward-facing!).
5. Bring home one of those baby dolls you’d get in Home Ec that cries and needs to be fed and changed and carried with you 24/7.

Luckily he’s a great sport. But number 5? Yup, that’s my next project - so stay tuned!

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