The Ghost of Baby Shower Past

This past weekend I was blessed enough to be able to fly back to PA for a girlfriend’s baby shower. My good friend K, is the last of my beach house sharing, weekend partying, close college friends to be having baby number one. The shower was beautiful, and of course she received one of my personal favorite Graco products. How could she not with me as her personal registry advisor. So what if my eyes tend to glaze over as I excitedly discuss pack n plays and car seats. She’s used to it by now. K. glowed in the spotlight of attention opening tons of baby gifts, and during the shower, I could not help reminiscing back to my own baby shower and the fiasco it almost was.

graco-baby-showerThree friends and I had planned a scrapbook weekend a few weeks before my due date. For all you non-scrappers out there, yes it was an entire weekend away just to scrapbook 24/7 and have fun with my girlfriends (minus all husbands of course). The hour and half drive away would be fine, and we all planned to carpool together. However, at the last minute I offered to be the driver instead of just a passenger. No one objected, but then again, who would object to a very pregnant woman’s request to be more comfortable?

Fast forward to Sunday morning. All four of us enjoyed our breakfast and got right back to scrapping. After about an hour, someone asked, “What time should we leave today?” My response was simple, “Doesn’t matter to me. I’m just the driver.” This same question came from three different mouths throughout the morning but no one would give a time they wanted to leave. It was our usual no one able to take charge of the decision conversation we always had. Thinking nothing of it, I said “OK, how about we leave at noon.” Fast responses in agreement were given and our time to leave was set.

We left after our scheduled noon departure time because loading the car took longer than we thought. Who knew we brought that much stuff for only a weekend. Then we got lost on the way home and our hour and half drive turned into two and a half. Soon enough we made it to the drop off spots for my girlfriends. They all got out, we unpacked and I was on my way home. Then I noticed I was low on gas, better stop to refill the tank for work in the AM. From the gas station, I decided to take a short cut through the neighborhood to get to my house. I stop at a stop sign to turn and look around the intersection. Is that my girlfriend’s mini van at the opposite stop sign across from me? “It can’t be” I think to myself. I just left them 15 minutes ago in the next town over. Just then the mini van quickly speeds away in the opposite direction. As I continue to think about the odd minivan, I pull into my driveway and into the garage. I walk through the house all the while calling out and apologizing to DH for being late. I get into the kitchen and I am greeted by tons of half eaten trays of food and a smiling husband. Looking at him, I asked “Did you have a party without me? What’s all this mess?”

Just then a crowd of people came rushing into the kitchen and yelled “SURPRISE!” I was LATE for my own SURPRISE graco-karen-cake2baby shower! The mini van I saw WAS my girlfriend’s and all three women I just left were IN IT! It seems they panicked when they saw me, and took a side street to my house to beat me home. We all had a great laugh and needless to say, we went right to cutting the cake and opening presents. It was an absolutely wonderful time. It was really great to have all my friends and family there to help me celebrate in the comfort of my own home, even if the time was cut short due to my girlfriends not being able to make a decision! Between the scrapping weekend and the baby shower, it is one of the best memories I have being pregnant. What’s your favorite memory from being pregnant?

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3 Responses to “The Ghost of Baby Shower Past”

  1. Sarah September 28, 2009 at 11:14 am #

    Ha, probably the night DH and I went to Fogo de Chao when I was 8 months pregnant, and I had license to eat as much meat as I wanted to. :)

  2. Lia September 30, 2009 at 2:28 am #

    Thank you for your entire sweet article. I am so excited to see of those.

  3. Ernst Heßler May 8, 2010 at 5:15 pm #

    Nice article. I have bought my present for the mother day and I am happy to have all necessary things. It´s always difficult to find a good present.