Graco Monthly Nods – October

new-monthlynod_150x150Karen Hartzell - The one where I take the wrong kid to the pediatricianPeapod Squad Stuff

This post just made me laugh! A, because I love a good family similar to Everbody Loves Raymond other than my own. (Yes, I do believe I am married to a man bearing a remarlably similar personality to Ray Barrone.) And B, because the thought of taking a well child to the pediatrician instead of the sick one is just plain hilarious and so relatable to any mom juggling a lot on her plate. Trust me, if I can call my daughter by her brother’s name on more than one occasion lately, I can certainly see mixing up triplets! More power to Monica for being able to laugh about it and share it on the web!

Donna DonnellyMy MajestiesIt’s Good to be the Queen

I popped into this blog just out of curiosity and found myself Laughing out Loud! Not just lol, but a great from the gut cracking up!

After 26 years of raising daughters and now being blessed with my first granddaughter, I thought it would be neat to explore the mystery of the lives of Moms of Boys. Oh what it must be like to be the Queen in your own house! My Majesties is a collection of submissions of cute and hilarious glimpses of what life is like when raising sons. These Boy stories are great and have inspired me to share some similar stories about living in a house full of girls on our blog. If you have any good Girl Yarns, please share and watch for a future posting!! Thanks Queen!

Heidi Parker 32 weeks pregnant: The baby’s nursery so far - His Boys Can Swim

I was reading back through “Jane’s” pregnancy experience, and I can really relate to this post. I’ve truly caught the “nesting” bug. I too, recently took it upon myself to paint the nursery and I definitely also had sore hands after the fact, but still enjoyed every minute of it!

Kelly VoelkerPhantom Baby Teeth3 Kids and Us

This post is just too stinking cute. Watch the video of baby Emmaleigh giggling and smiling but NOT showing any of her brand new teeth. I dare you not to smile!

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3 Responses to “Graco Monthly Nods – October”

  1. Monica (peapodsquadmom) October 6, 2009 at 10:03 am #

    aren’t you so sweet for including my post in this?!? thank you.

  2. Cat October 6, 2009 at 6:39 pm #

    Awww thank you for including my little Emma and her phantom baby teeth…I still haven’t got a photo of those little buggers yet.

  3. Rayford Cantave April 12, 2010 at 4:57 pm #

    go figure lol