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Graco and Target – Great Deals This Holiday Season!

Here’s a post from Graco’s very own Kelley Maxfield on our channel marketing team. She’s got some great info on deals and special items that you can find at Target this season: Thanksgiving has kicked off the holiday season. For anyone who completed your holiday shopping on Black Friday – “BIG high five!” And for [...]

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Wondrous Wednesday #99

Graco loves babies! We also love celebrating with employees when they welcome their new additions into our extended Graco family. This week we would like to welcome Shirley Romig’s grandson! Shirley is one of our consumer services supervisors and was very excited to share photos of her first grandchild pictured here with her son, as [...]

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Metal High Chairs and Wind-Up Swings

THIS was my highchair each time I visited my Grammy and Peeps’ house for holidays and other family gatherings. Not only did I actually use this high chair at one point, but it was also my mother’s and her siblings’ when they were children. And yes, the photo above is the actual high chair. My [...]

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Pregnancy update – It’s almost time!

It’s hard to believe I’m down to my last 7 weeks with this pregnancy. It has gone by quickly. People ask me if I’m ready. I think I am. I tell people I am. But, really the answer is no. By this point in my pregnancy with Slick, his nursery was finished, the baby clothes [...]

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Baby’s First Day of Daycare

My baby’s first day of daycare was a completely different experience the second time around. For my first born, PP, she had family care for her, an in-home nanny, then finally daycare. By the time we started PP in daycare, she was 10 months old and at the peak of her separation anxiety. Needless to [...]

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Wondrous Wednesday #98

Snuggly sweater, adorable hat (with the cutest ear flaps mind you) and picking apples…an obviously perfect Fall celebration combo for Channel Manager Jessica DiGirolamo’s 2 year old nephew, “Cookie Pie”! And knowing Jessica, you can easily conclude that the cuteness gene in her family doesn’t fall far from the tree. Every Wednesday we’ll be sharing [...]

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Imaginary Friends…when has it gone too far?

(Bear pictured here with her best buddy/cousin in their matching STEWART T-Shirts) Everything you read about parenting says encourage kids to be creative and use their imaginations. My question is; when has it gone too far? Here is the reason for asking. Bear (now 3 ½ years old) has two imaginary friends Stewart and Dunkin. [...]

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Your Babysitter – Naughty or Nice?

One of the most important relationships a family can cultivate is with their babysitter.  Leaving your precious children in the care of another is an anxiety-invoking prospect.  You want to make sure that the person you charge them with will maintain consistency with your parenting style and the children’s environment, particularly if they are coming [...]

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Lucky 13

The superstitious kind might be nervous today. Friday the 13th has become known as an unlucky day thanks to the number 13. According to an article in today’s Huffington Post, the number has even led to a condition called triskaidekaphobia, fear of the number 13, (seriously!?) and some hilarious other superstitions. Not my grandpa though. We’d go [...]

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FAQ: What if my child figures out how to open the chest clip on their car seat?

We’ve received a few questions recently from parents who tell us that their child has figured out how to open the chest clip on their car seat harness. We wanted to share some information that we hope can help in this situation. Should my child be able to open the chest clip? The chest clip [...]

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