My Top 3 Anti-Resolutions for 2010

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions anymore. I always resolve to weigh less or work less or stress less or eat less or spend less… and you know how it is.  This year I decided that I wanted to make the opposite of those types of resolutions. A resolution is something that you’ve resolved to do and “resolved” just sounds too stuffy, too responsible, for what I want to express…plus, I want to do MORE of things, not less!

2010 Anti-Resolutions: More Less Responsible Stuff I’d Like To Do with My Girls

Emmers on Wii1. Wii More. Emmers received the new Super Mario Brothers game for Wii for Christmas, and we sat down together with Dad and played for hours! What a great family activity, and boy does it teach the teamwork skills. There’s no way to complete a level without active and vocal cooperation, and we discovered just how hard it was for us to communicate what we wanted the others to do.

As I sat there, I realized what a wonderful opportunity playing this game together really was. We learn to work as a team, to communicate objectives clearly and in language that everyone understands (you can’t yell “jump, jump!” at me…just tell me to press “2″), and to be lavish with praise and encouragement.

It gives us a chance to spend quality time with Emmers, doing something she likes to do, without little sister. (BTW, KK and I do Wii Fit Plus together. She loves watching me juggle or throw snowballs (“You need two more stars, Mama, two more stars!”), and she lays down next to me to do jack knife exercises and the yoga cobra pose.)

2. Escape More. Escape into books, escape into movies, escape into KK’s dress up chest. The girls and I love to read and watch movies, together or by ourselves. I want to spend more time this year reading new things and sharing them with Emmers and KK.

And I want to read the Warriors Series books Emmers is reading so that I can better see the world through the perspective she is creating for herself. Books and movies have really molded my view of the world, and I want to share those views with my children and have them share their views with me.

Emmers and I have read Lord of the Rings together and the Little House Series, and KK and I watch Disney movies and read the stories they are based on like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and The Little Mermaid. Imagination and fantasy and creative play are such important parts of my daughters’ development, and I want to continue to encourage and cultivate that. Plus it’s a grand excuse to wear gaudy bridesmaids dresses, build a tent, or curl up with a book and not feel one drop of guilt about it!

KK Dancing3. See More. Maybe this means we’ll try to travel (more than just to St. Louis for Thanksgiving), or maybe it means we’ll see more things around Atlanta or maybe it just means we’ll see more of each other.

Sometimes I feel like we spend a lot of time looking for things (like missing toys, or socks, or keys) and looking at things (like homework, boo boos, dirty dishes) and don’t take time to see things.

I want to see KK dancing by herself in the playroom, or watch her painting. I want to notice the little things, like how she holds her arms like a ballerina or that her latest painting reminds me of nautical signal flags.

I want to notice when Emmers has tidied her room without us hounding her or listen in as she talks with her friends on the phone (shhhh! I know it’s terrible, but it’s also incredibly fascinating!). I want to make sure I embed all of those little sights and sounds and smells into my memory and appreciate and finding meaning in them all.

So those are my parenting resolutions (if we have to call them that) for 2010. With any luck, these will be easier to keep than that other kind of resolution, and they will generate lots of great stories to share here on the gracobaby blog! What are yours?

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