How Your Anniversary Changes when you Have Children

My husband and I have this ritual, every anniversary we alternate on who plans our “weekend adventure”. We were encouraged by a close friend when we got married to put a plan in place on our Honeymoon regarding “how” we would celebrate our anniversary every year. If you don’t put a plan in place…you will be looking at each other on the day of your anniversary debating on where you want to go to dinner.

So we decided on fun, surprise weekends that you would plan every other year. We had some awesome adventures – and the best part is our last 3 anniversaries have been celebrated with our little girls. So…family does put a little twist on the type of adventures.

Take a look at our 12 year recap:

Year 1 (my turn): A weekend in Perry, Iowa. Hotel Patee (ok, we were living in Iowa at the time)
Year 2 (his turn): Downtown Chicago, Gigi Fondue & Mama Mia (Awesome!)
Year 3 (my turn): Downtown Chicago Again – Blue Man Group (Steve’s Pick)
Year 4 (his turn): First Surprise flight…Napa Valley
Year 5 (my turn): I can do that flight thing…Las Vegas Baby!!
Year 6 (his turn): He really one-upped me — Hawaii with our dear friends Pete & Tracy
Year 7 (my turn): Virgin Gorda with our my brother & sister-in-law Jeff & Annette
Year 8 (his turn): NYC to see Wicked (we got snowed in for 2 extra days!)
Year 9 (my turn): Pregnant…couldn’t go far from home — Downtown Philly for the weekend (Duck Tour, Liberty Bell & All)

Bear was BORN…and our Adventures took a little turn. Instead of late nights in Vegas we were doing Happy Feet Movie Nights at 7:30pm.

Year 10 (his turn): Punta Cana – flew first class with Bear on our lap. Our evenings consisted of movie nights and Sudoku on the balcony overlooking the ocean after Bear went to bed at a late 7:30pm. (We also found out we were pregnant with LoveBug on this trip!)
Year 11 (my turn): Girls in Tow we headed to Downtown Philly. We had to come home a day early because Bear was acting up. You know the punishment, “Bear, if we get to 3 we are going home.” Man, we didn’t want to get to 3, but we did. And it was our 11th anniversary that Bear learned the impact “bad behavior” has on the entire family and we learned about following through on our bad choice of discipline while on vacation.
Year 12 (his turn): We have learned! Our 12th anniversary consisted of a 29ft camper, canoe and camping on a beautiful lake only 2 hours from home. And we knew this was a successful anniversary when Bear said, “Hey guys I have a great idea, why don’t we move here.” Steve and I laughed and inside thought, now that would be a simple life.

It’s a cool idea at the age of 3.

How do you spend your anniversaries?

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2 Responses to “How Your Anniversary Changes when you Have Children”

  1. Lindsay Lebresco January 21, 2010 at 10:05 pm #

    Kim- you were a big inspiration for Chris and I on this. You and Kathy! We’ve been doing the same thing for our nine years. Here’s our rundown: (this just required me to run upstairs and check some pictures!)
    Year 1 (Us)- Wedding in London (not a surprise)
    Year 2 (Me)- New York City for the weekend
    Year 3 (Him)- Niagra Falls
    Year 4 (Me)- Punta Cana (got him all the way to the check-in counter at the airline before he knew!)
    Year 5 (Him)- Philly Overnight (had a BFing 6 mo. at home!)
    Year 6 (Us)- Weekend in NJ for a wedding (& I was 8 1/2 mos. pregnant!)
    Year 7 (Him)- Miami – I was surprised until the day before!
    Year 8 (Me) – I was late on my turn so we did San Fransisco a couple of months later – no surprise :(
    Year 9 (Me again-to make up for last year & to make sure the Big Ten is his project!) Colorado Springs – he was surprised until we got to the GATE! Best surprise yet!

    In all seriousness Kim, you gave me a lot in friendship & professional guidance in the almost 7 years we worked together & this might be the best thing you ever gave me. I love this tradition and I know it’s something we’ll treasure forever. I’m so glad this post made me stop and think about it and write it down- I’m going to hold on to this list & we’ll compare notes in 10 more years! Thanks Kim! :)

  2. Kim January 21, 2010 at 10:36 pm #

    We worked together for 7 Years and I LOVE the Anniversary Get-Aways was the best impact. I love it. Miss you and your passion, optimism and energy.