The Difference Between The First and Second Delivery

We’re excited to announce that our very own Heidi Parker was induced today and welcomed a baby girl to the world this afternoon!! We can’t wait to see pictures of little IBP and share them here. Congrats, Heidi!!!

Since Heidi was induced today, we got to talking about the differences between giving birth to your first and second children. I know I (the first child) put my poor mother through misery, while my younger sister – lucky for mom –  ended up being a breeze of a labor.

Here’s a peek into our lunchtime conversation today…

Melissa Parlaman: My little girls are both so different & so were their deliveries. When i gave birth to PP almost 4 years ago, I was being monitored for her potential low birth weight. So, on my due date, I was induced.

Usually with induction, you face a loonngg labor & that I did. Went in dinner time on Tuesday night & didn’t get out until almost Thursday AM (well, PP was born right before midnight on Wednesday night).

While I was in labor, I had my family & Rob’s family there all day & the proud grandmoms stuck around until PP was born that late night. As you could imagine, labor was long & tiring!!

This time around with Pinkie Pie, our family was not around since they are all in PA, so no anxious family members at the hospital. I went into labor late on a Thursday night, stayed home as long as I could, then woke up my husband & PP so we could go to the hospital at 5:00 AM. It was much different this time around, since we had to pack PP some breakfast, changes of clothes for all of us, worry about getting PP to school, who was going to pick her up, etc. But, once PP went to school, we had a relaxing day in the labor room (I know, you are thinking I am nuts to say this but I did find it calm & relaxing in the hospital room). And by 2:16 pm, Pinkie Pie was born (9 days early too!!).

The best feeling was when I had both of my girls with me at the hospital. I had teeny tiny Pinkie Pie in my arms & big sister PP (wearing her Big Sister shirt) beaming proudly at her little sis (whom she affectionately dubbed Pinkie Pie).

It was so much fun, I may do it again….I just have to get my husband on board!

Michele Grant: The second time was also surreal for me. It felt almost anticlimactic in how calm and composed I was. All of the females in my family ended up in and out of my room during my labor, chatting, telling stories about their labors, and my teenage cousins, too young to remember my labor with Emmers, asked questions and expressed their horror at the very thought of giving birth!

KK was my second delivery, but my husband Ken’s first. Watching him experience the process for the first time, without having my own set of first time anxieties to draw my attention, also contributed to the fantasy-like atmosphere. All in all, it was a better experience than my first delivery (I drank peanut butter malts throughout this labor!), but also feels like it happened in a time and place untouched by reality.

Karen Hartzell: My second delivery was in one word, surreal. After the 24 hour of labor with Baby, culminating with a rapid decision for a c-section to deliver her, my Doctor and I decided to schedule a c-section for baby number two.

DH and I were up well before the sun on Dec. 22 to be at the hospital at 6 AM. Who does this to pregnant women? Hellooooo! We are tired! Why aren’t c-sections scheduled at noon?

Anyway, after registration, I was wheeled down on a gurney to meet the anesthesiologist and to prepare for the surgery. Doctors and nurses came by and introduced themselves and advised how they would be assisting in my surgery. Let me tell you…it’s a very weird feeling meeting people while you’re laid out on a gurney, and it’s not like I would recognize them again in the room with all the masks, but whatever.

Eventually I made it into the operating room and DH came in minutes later. It was so comforting to see him there because I knew what was coming. Surgery is scary. Being awake for it makes it even more scary…for me anyway.

When the surgery started the minutes passed, but it seemed like forever. After quite a bit of tugging and pulling, my 9+ pound bundle of joy was out, crying and being photographed.

And just like the day Baby was born, the minute they put him next to me so I could see him, the happy tears started flowing. As different as things may have been for delivery number two vs number one, some things remained exactly the same.

… As I listened to their stories of labor pains and scary moments, I actually said outloud, “Why do people do this on purpose?!!?” Well, one thing was unanimous — it’s absolutely worth it.

How was your second labor different from your first?

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3 Responses to “The Difference Between The First and Second Delivery”

  1. Cat January 22, 2010 at 8:50 pm #

    Awww congratulations! How precious.

    Deliveries #2 and 3 were amazingly easy for me, compared to the first which was a nightmare I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

  2. Shannon Hopkins January 22, 2010 at 9:15 pm #

    How did mine differ ha… Well, my first one with my daughter.. I worked right up till the day before I went into labor. Just didn’t feel right and decided to stay home that day. It was St Patricks day, and my DH was on his way to work at a local bar, he is a musician. He asked my parents to come to the house, in fear that I would go in to labor, and he was right.
    By the time he finished his first set, I was on my way to the hospital. I was checked in and he came flying through the door. By 10pm that night, I was ready for an epidural, and wasn’t given an option due to having an asthma attack while havign contractions, I needed to relax more, so and epi it was. I got it about 1030, and ended up falling asleep for a few hours. My DD was born at 1010 the following morning at a healthy 9.8lbs and 21.5 inches.
    My second… he was a difficult pregnancy from the start. I ended up with a partial placenta previa, and a dynamic cervix. My water broke 2 weeks prior to my due date (or so my OB thought, Yale failed to agree with them) and then came contractions. They were every 4 minutes right from the start, so we immediately went to the hospital. My OB finally showed almost an hour later, and I finally got checked out, and got fluids etc… an hour later when the anethiesologist arrived, my son had already crowned, no drugs, and I hemmoraged so bad that I ended up on bed rest with crazy amounts of pills to take.. all because my OB didn’t heed the warnings of the docs at Yale and do a section like receommended.
    With that said… I am done having anymore, my body can’t handle it, and sad.. yes I am, I would love to have atleast 2 more. Congratulations to you on the birth of this precious little one… I am glad to hear all went well for you!

  3. Workout Routine June 12, 2010 at 10:33 pm #

    I am grateful for the write-up.