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Monthly Blogger Spotlight: Tarzan & Jane

I have been following for about 8 months now. I discovered the blog while I was pregnant with Pinkie Pie & Jane was pregnant with Monkey (I loved the name of the blog too!). Not only did I follow the blog because Jane & I were going through the same stuff, I thought their [...]

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What’s NEW at – Product Demos! has a completely new look and feel for our product pages that we hope will make it even easier for you to find out more about Graco products. We’ve rearranged the layout of the info to help you find important details like features, product specifications, and product care and instruction sheets more easily. We’ve included [...]

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Bundles, Bumps & Babies! #4

 Look What I Can Do All By Myself!! This cutie’s mom, Aubrey,  is a Facebook  fan of Graco Children’s Products and she  follows our blog there.   She was inspired to send this picture of “Butterfly” when she read our post about mommy bloggers.  Here, Aubrey captures the excitement of  a special moment in her parenting journey:  “A milestone [...]

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Stir Crazy? 5 Ways to Celebrate a Day Indoors

While we might have gotten 60 degree weather here in Atlanta this weekend (come on, we had snow last weekend!), we’ve heard the rest of the country is either still thawing out a little, or is rained in. Sometimes it can be hard to think up things to do all day when you’re stuck inside, so [...]

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Connecting: Now and Then

My girls and I do a lot of things together. We connect through every day activities; we cook (KK stirs), we clean (Emmers does laundry – hooray!), we eat together (sometimes not very neatly), we shop together, etc… In a lot of ways, I think it’s easier to connect with them now, mainly because, well, [...]

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It’s Thursday Night!

And in my house, that means THE OFFICE is on! My husband and I love the show and we watch religiously. The show is just hilarious and we’ve really gotten to know the characters, so it always seems to make us laugh. The Olympics has been cramping our style a little bit in this routine [...]

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Bundles, Bumps & Babies! #3

Huskies are a Girl’s Best Friend!   Look at this pair!  Ever since “Ms Amanda” arrived home from the hospital 18 months ago, she and her best friend “Jax”  have been inseparable.   For those of us who are first time expectant parents, but already  ”pet parents” it is often a worry to anticipate the introduction of the new bundle to [...]

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Around the Clock Graco

When you have a baby, your house is transformed into everything baby: baby clothes, baby bottles, baby toys, baby gear, etc. Not only am I surrounded by Graco products at work all day, it continues when I get home. I realized that on any given day, I am using Graco products non-stop. Here is a quick run [...]

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Falling in Love – How young is too young?

Being so close to Valentine’s Day, it seems very fitting that we share this story from Graco’s extended family member, Shawn Byrne, Director of Supply Chain. You may remember Shawn shared a very funny first day of kindergarten with us here. So when I heard the latest excerpt in the book of excitement that is [...]

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Car Seats Have Expiration Dates Too!

It’s midnight and you’re wearing your comfy flannel PJs and savoring a delicious warm & chewy double chocolate chip cookie. Mmmm …now for a cold glass of milk. But it’s late so you pop the lid and gulp right out of the carton. Eeeeeee Yuck! Spoiled milk Lesson learned – always check the expiration date. Did [...]

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