Car Seats Have Expiration Dates Too!

It’s midnight and you’re wearing your comfy flannel PJs and savoring a delicious warm & chewy double chocolate chip cookie. Mmmm …now for a cold glass of milk. But it’s late so you pop the lid and gulp right out of the carton.

Eeeeeee Yuck! Spoiled milk :( Lesson learned – always check the expiration date.

Did you know car seats expire too?

Question #1: How many years can I use my car seat?
Six (6) years is the general recommendation. Each manufacturer determines the specific useful life for its seats. The reason for these limits involve possible degradation of the plastic shell or other parts, the possible loss/breakage of parts, and the fact that older seats sometimes do not meet current government safety standards (

Question #2: How do I find out when my car seat expires?

There are two things that can help you find out your car seat’s expiration date:

1. Expiration Date Imprint:
We imprint “DO NOT use this car seat after Month, Year” on the bottom of every car seat.

2. Registering Your Product: 
We place a sticker with the model # and date of manufacture OR serial # on every car seat. This information can then be used to register your Graco car seat in one of three ways: mail in card that comes the seat, call Graco’s consumer service center 1-800-345-4109 or register your product online.  

Once your product is registered, Graco can notify you in the event of a recall or you can more easily order replacement parts like a new car seat pad.

Question #3: Where do I find the expiration date, model # and serial #/manufacture date on my Graco car seat?

Here’s a guide based on the type of car seat:







Question #4: What do I do with an expired car seat?

Right now, your local Babies R Us is hosting the Great Trade-In Event where you can bring in your expired car seat or trade in other baby gear products and receive coupons to use on your next car seat and/or other baby products.

If a local store isn’t doing some kind of trade in event, we recommend cutting the straps of the harness so someone doesn’t try to reuse an expired seat for their child before you dispose of the seat.

Golden rules from Mommy … “don’t drink out of the carton”
And from Graco …“car seats expire too”

Lesson Learned:
Always check the expiration date :)

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