Stir Crazy? 5 Ways to Celebrate a Day Indoors

While we might have gotten 60 degree weather here in Atlanta this weekend (come on, we had snow last weekend!), we’ve heard the rest of the country is either still thawing out a little, or is rained in.

Sometimes it can be hard to think up things to do all day when you’re stuck inside, so here are five ways to take a new approach to a chilly day:

1. Bake. What better way to warm up than getting in the kitchen and enjoying a piping hot treat straight from the oven?! And just because you’re baking doesn’t mean it has to be completely bad for you. Here’s a great recipe for Chocolate Puddle Cookies (how appropriate!) from 101 Cookbooks, a site that focuses “primarily on natural, whole foods and ingredients.” Thanks to Claire and her blog for the tip on such an awesome recipe! 

2. Homemade fun. Playing dress up, making forts and arts & crafts never gets old. Change it up a little by getting out the camera and making your creation into a photo collage at the end of the day.

3. Try a new game. When Melissa was little she used to play a game called “Make Me Laugh,” where she and her cousins would take turns pretending they were on stage. Each person would take a turn, and the first person to make someone laugh the fastest wins. A great way to encourage some cold-weather giggles to brighten the afternoon (and even funnier to watch the judges trying NOT to laugh).  

4. Sell your stuff. Okay, not really, but this is a great way to get your house nice and cleaned up in a fun way. Ask your children to pretend that you need to put every item on sale — mark them with “price tags” and let your children “shop” for what they would like with their own little baskets. Once everything is in their cart, they’ve checked out and paid (with fake money or pennies), the baskets easily go back on the shelves full of stuff once the game is over.

5. Turn lunch into an “afternoon out” at home. Open your own restaurant right in your kitchen. Give each child a different role – one can take orders and create menus, another can set the table in a “fancy” way and another could help make sandwiches or serve the meal to the others. Make sure every job has something fun to help avoid arguments :)

What do you do to make the most of a day inside?

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