Monthly Blogger Spotlight: Tarzan & Jane

I have been following for about 8 months now. I discovered the blog while I was pregnant with Pinkie Pie & Jane was pregnant with Monkey (I loved the name of the blog too!).

Not only did I follow the blog because Jane & I were going through the same stuff, I thought their posts were hysterical.

I LOVED how Tarzan would write his posts about his pregnant wife (I would read the posts then go home to tell my husband about Tarzan’s stories). Then Jane would write about her experiences with being pregnant & prepping for Baby Monkey.

As a part of Graco’s monthly blogger spotlight, here are a few questions I asked Jane & Tarzan. Check out their blog & follow Tarzan & Jane on Twitter!

1. When & how did you decide to start blogging?

Shortly after Jane became pregnant I decided it would be a good idea for us to document our journey. We thought it would be fun to look back on our old posts down the road and even share them with our son when we was older.

I created the blog and showed Jane as a little present to her and then we dove right in. Little did we know how much fun we’d have and how much would become a part of our daily lives.

2. I love the format of your blog (perspectives from both Tarzan & Jane). How did you decide to do that?

Because we decided early on to share literally EVERYTHING when it came to Jane’s pregnancy and our lives, we decided to keep the blog anonymous. There’s so many older posts on there that have things we’ve never disclosed to friends or family. There’s just some parts of pregnancy that couples like to keep to themselves. But not us!

We disclosed everything from the decisions we struggled with to the journey of paying to bring our baby into the world without maternity insurance. We needed to figure out names that would fit us and keep our identities hidden. Jane & Tarzan just has that magical ring to it and was fun, which is a big part of our blog. We love to have fun!

3. Is there anything that you have learned about your partner since each of you write your posts independently?

You have no idea. We learned more about each other through our blog than anything else we’ve done since we met. Writing is a powerful thing. It allows you to express yourself in ways that spoken words just cannot do. We grew so much closer as a couple because in some ways, it was like we were reading each others diary, and we didn’t have to worry about getting caught!

Sometimes when we were upset at each other or not agreeing on something during those raging hormone battles, we’d blog about our thoughts and frustrations. And it was from reading each others blog posts that helped smooth everything out dozens of times… heck, maybe even hundreds! LOL

4. Tarzan–what has been the most surprising thing about parenthood?

As far as the most surprising thing about parenthood, my initial reaction here would be one word. Love. It’s a love that I’ve never felt before. It’s deeper than anything I could
have ever imagined. Our little Monkey has the power to put an instant smile on my face no matter what I’m doing, how stressed out I am, or if I’m upset about anything.

In some respects, I knew I’d feel this way because my father always said that a love for your child is unlike any other love you’ll ever experience. It’s how deep and powerful my love for Monkey and Jane really is that continues to surprise me every day.

5. Jane–what is the best think about being a mom?

The best thing about being a mom is the joy that Monkey brings me in the most simplest of things. It’s when he looks up at me & smiles. When he stretches his arms out & wants me to pick him up. This is the first thing I’ve ever done where I’ve put my whole self into it & found that I’m not only really good at it, but it completes who I am.

Sure we have rough days, but that’s what wine is for after I put him to bed for the night :) On a more serious note, Monkey has been the best little surprise & blessing I could have ever wished for. Even with all the poopy diapers, the spit-up, & the crankiness, there’s nothing that I would change. He’s my best little buddy & he has made me be a better me.

The most surprising thing about motherhood is how much I enjoy it. Really. When I was pregnant, I was under the impression that I would pop out a baby & incorporate him into my life as it was.

I thought that I’d want to continue on with how my life was, but just with the addition of a baby. I never thought that I would happily change my life to revolve around my baby.

6. Are there any words of wisdom that you would like to pass on to new moms & dads?

Sure. Let’s face it, the first couple of months are going to be rougher than you may have first envisioned.

The key during those first few weeks is to take everything day-by-day and remind yourself that things will get better and easier. For some fun, go to our blog and read some of the blog posts that Tarzan wrote towards the end of July and August, 2009. You’ll see first-hand what it’s like!

The other piece of wisdom to share is that you’ll need to shift your thinking a little in the beginning. When someone throws up on you, pees on you, wakes you up for the 5th time at night – it’s all their little ways of saying, “I love you mommy and daddy.” :)

8. What is your favorite Graco product?

The Graco Bombay pack ‘n play was a lifesaver at the beginning of Monkey’s life. It was where we changed his diaper, cleaned his umbilical cord, and where he slept. It’s also where Monkey peed the most when we were in the middle of changing his diaper, so we really appreciated the material that the pack ‘n play was made out of. It made clean up easy – even when it was 3:30 in the morning and we were half asleep.

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One Response to “Monthly Blogger Spotlight: Tarzan & Jane”

  1. Lindsay Lebresco March 1, 2010 at 10:30 am #

    I remember you recounting Tarzan and Jane’s posts with me as well :) This is a great interview & when Chris & I had our blog, we enjoyed working together on it as well- I wish we could get back to doing that because much like Tarzan and Jane, we got a lot out of it. I could totally see Rob blogging :)